Struggles for Justice Blog is dedicated to documenting struggles for justice in our world. The principle that God extends to all human beings the reality that “all men are created equal, and our endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is the fundamental principle that governs what is written here.

The blog is edited and written by Thomas Martin Sobottke, A.K.A. Thomas Martin Saturday, who holds the Ph.D. degree in History from Marquette University, has spent a generation in the classroom and is now a poet, writer, playwright, and historian of the American Civil War, an adjunct professor at Carroll University, and with the primary sub-field of the American Civil War historical memory.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Tom,
    I don’t know if you even remember me, but I was one of the “kids” on IOka…and knew you as a kid…through Chirssy (oops..I think I am the last living person that still calls her “Chrissy”…).
    Chris forwarded me your website because she knows how “political” I can get…and I, too, am a Civil War/Reconstruction geek!
    I (don’t have cable…) am a voracious eclectic reader, and have access to a wonderful university library system, so can get my hands on just about everything.
    This old lady also will put her big old white face in the crowsd in front of the Federal Building, or stand there to be counted in a Grant Park rally…we need a bunch of us old “hippies” to get up, and stand up, again for what we know to be right. It took YEARS, but eventually “they” could not do something about Viet Nam…sorry, it doesn’t take much for me to “digress”…I’ll spare you that rant.
    I find this website fascinating….
    Just wanted you to know you have another fan “out there”.
    (Lord, I am old…to think that you have already been 25 years in the classroom….)
    So glad to have found you again…and to discover this website.

  2. I read your blog and look forward to it. I would like to send it on to Senator Dave Hanson but want to make sure that I do have your permission.

  3. Many things has been written for maintaining true justice.But how real true justice can be achieved?For the purpose all interested persons be united in a common platform and discuss in a well planned disciplined manner for further action for the purpose world wise.
    I am Ramachnadra Mohanty male age 67+, from India.
    I may be answered to my email direcctly, but the subject should be “Progressive human civilization”

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