Do Not Mess With the U.S. Postal Service by Thomas Martin Sobottke

Americans are waking up to the fact that their mail service from the United States Postal Service or USPS has degraded significantly during the latter half of this summer of 2020. They know already that the USPS is not properly funded and has been under strain. Yet, this most recent set of problems with the speed and reliability of the postal service admits of other more intentional changes there.

Perhaps the best way of approaching this is to deal with it in a non-partisan way, where traditional reality and real facts have not been suspended. The USPS began in the days of the American Revolution that required, or so Benjamin Franklin believed, that having a communications network between colonies, where the revolutionaries could share news of conditions in their colony and the state of the revolt with each other would link the revolutionaries together and the nation they were fighting to make.

It ended up in the United States Constitution of 1789 in Article I Section 8 among the powers reserved to the Congress “To establish Post Offices and Post Roads.” It later fell to the Executive or President to see that any laws connected to that power “be faithfully executed” as part of the solemn oath the President takes upon beginning office.

There have now come vandals between the American people and this Constitutional service that all Americans have long come to depend upon. Current Postmaster General Louis De Joy, a Trump appointee drawn out of the Republican National Committee’s fundraising team, and a key Republican donor runs the place now. De Joy, who took over this last May, has absolutely no previous experience with the USPS, though he does have stock in companies that compete with it to the amount of $35,000,000 to upwards of $75, 000,000.

These Vandals removed the top 35 postal service managers who have all the experience at logistics in a Friday night massacre. Postal Sorting Machines needed to process letters, and notably this year’s election ballots have been taken off line or removed from post offices all over the country, but especially in what are euphemistically called “high volume areas.” It sounds an awful lot like urban and larger suburban areas. Postal Boxes on street corners suddenly are not there anymore as millions of dog owners walk the pooch early every morning. You knew something was different. Even in distant Montana, a Red State, they are doing this. If a piece of mail you are counting on comes out of a city or large suburban area to you in a small town it may never get there. There are reports that in some post offices the back log of undelivered mail will soon force decisions on what to throw away.

Millions of prescriptions needed by our Vets and the elderly are sent via USPS. People get checks or billing notices by mail. If they show up way late as they are in many places now, creditors are charging late fees due to those bills not having been received as they normally would be. Your credit rating just took a major hit.

Donald Trump just admitted that he is deliberately causing this crisis to inhibit voting that he feels will hurt Democrats in this pandemic more than Republicans who vote in person in overwhelming numbers. But this may be the year when your Grandma votes in person and gets the virus and dies from that day when she patiently waited in line to vote. In short, Trump has openly admitted he is cheating in this election in a huge way. Real patriots, nay real Americans, don’t cotton to cheating in any form be it an election or a card game for money. Louis De Joy is carrying out his wishes. Republicans so far don’t seem to care as long as their guy wins. Where is their moral compass? If you let this go you are no patriot, nor can you lay claim to be a moral person.

My father was ANTIFA. So am I. He fought in World War II in order to prevent Nazism and Fascism from coming to America. Something similar now seems to be here. When I see what is happening to our Post Office it is as if vandals were ripping American flags off flagpoles at government buildings and burning those flags. All our vets have served or fought to keep America as a democracy within a republic. Every damn letter that arrives too late or never comes, those responsible are spitting on my father’s grave. They are spitting in the face of our Vets and active service members who depend so much on the U.S. Mail. The Post Office is crucial to their votes being counted on November 3rd. And all of us want our mail delivered reliably and on time like it can be.

So join the fight with me and contact your Congressmen and Senators, and make it very clear to them that you have a moral compass, and you see this as a non partisan issue that for some reason Republican leaders are allowing to happen. We must insist that our Post Office must be fully funded with an aid package. We have to push back on missing post boxes and slow mail via sorting machines not working all over the country. Anything less would be un-American, un-Constitutional, and just plain wrong.

Are you a real patriot? Can you put your country over party? Do you yet have a moral compass? Let’s find out and see.

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