Kellyanne Conway’s Dark Underbelly by Thomas Martin Saturday

I’m getting woke in Kellyanne Conway’s Dark Underbelly,

eager for the birthing of something like brotherhood and sisterhood

we are,

 non-white and white


true to an oath to follow the Constitution,


full of empathy and compassion

wanting America to be America

for us all,

radical past the endurance of

white Republicans,

pissing them off

enraging them so much as to

see purply veins on necks popping out as they scream,

dark ones in the Dark Underbelly of America!

Go back!  Go back! They say.

To Chicago?

Alright, it needs fixing.




The wholly fucking Bronx no less.

Are there not hundreds of other cities needing fixing?

What better place than Congress to do it in.

You won’t turn us back,

we’re digging in to our own soil,

our own homes are here.

Hear us rumblin’ down there Kellyanne?

Hear us rumblin’, yes hear us rumblin’. 

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