The Madness of King Donald by Thomas Martin Saturday


At the very same moment the United States is embracing a nuclear deal with North Korea, it is in violation of what was agreed to only three years ago as President Trump announced the U.S. was abrogating the Iran agreement entered into with our closest allies, and two longtime opponents. Trump’s unilateral decision to do so is obviously not based on any violation of the agreement by Iran, which has been certified by all sources to be in full compliance. Former Secretary of State John Kerry summed up this reckless foolishness by saying that Trump had not ended a crisis in the Middle East but had created one where none had existed.

So what explains these contrary actions which make no sense from a foreign policy perspective? Donald Trump has placed his tortured and damaged psyche above that of the interests and safety of the American people, and that of our Allies. Why would he behave this way? Well, first of all, everything Trump has done in some way has been aimed to eliminate any evidence that Barrack Obama was ever President of the United States or accomplished anything. Obama makes Donald feel inadequate. His wounded self-esteem has always been projected at others via name calling and threats as a bully does on the playground. Here, Trump has the power to act on these personal weaknesses using the power of a nation state. The pursuit of peace with North Korea, when little Donald wanted war so badly, is a recent turn of mind where he can stick his slimy finger in the faces of previous presidents who were unable to get such a pending agreement.

But Donald wants to play toy soldiers with real flesh and blood Americans. He is going to get his $55 million military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on Veterans Day. He’s been able to launch cruise missiles twice now over Syria. It’s not enough. He hates Muslims. And he has elevated the greatest proponent of war with Iran, John Bolton, as his new National Security Advisor. His new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is of like mind. Bolton has boasted that we will fight a war with Iran before 2019. Pompeo has made recent public statements that are bellicose and warlike concerning Iran already. King Donald can have a huge distraction from the Mueller probe, and he can play military hero too. Note that his previous military experience was not in Vietnam but in avoiding venereal disease in his fevered love affairs in New York. At least he has said that was his Vietnam.

So Americans should watch on what pretense we make war with Iran in the coming months. Note also, that our closest allies are not going to be with us. Our enemies certainly will not. Losing the trust, and cooperation of Britain, France, and Germany will weaken our nation here at home and abroad. It already has. It threatens to fracture any sort of good relations with those countries and the rest of Europe Trump has a callous disregard of the actual impact of all he does. That’s madness sure. And what of the July visit to the Queen of England and the UK and Prime Minister Theresa May? If they do not cancel the visit once again, watch CNN or MSNBC and get some popcorn popped and settle yourself down in your favorite TV chair and enjoy the contretemps in London!

Will we win the Iran War? That is far from certain. He can surely nuke Iran and irradiate the Middle East if he so desires. In that case launching a nuclear strike on Iran to avoid Iran getting nuclear weapons would be the ultimate irony, not to mention the greatest tragedy to befall the world thus far since World War II.

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