Trump Team is in the Deep Muddy by Thomas Martin Saturday

Revelations this past week from FBI Director James Comey, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff, and the behavior of that committee’s chairman Dennis Nunes tell us the Trump Administration is deeply mired in an investigation by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division.

A number of U.S. intelligence agencies have leaked the fact they have intercepts of Trump aides that indicate they kept talking to Russians who the various agencies were monitoring on an ongoing basis. In common parlance, they were hanging out with the bad guys; representatives of an adversarial power, not an ally, and talking.

Adam Schiff, in the wake of Nunes giving a completely incoherent news conference yesterday, decided to go beyond a cautious assessment that the committee had lots of circumstantial evidence of collusion with Russian agents, to say they in truth already had real evidence beyond the circumstantial. Schiff, circumspect as always, would not provide details at the risk of taking things into classified areas.

Then on Thursday, CNN, and now other media outlets, reported they are pursuing leads indicating that the Trump Campaign Staff worked hand- in- glove with Russian sources linked to the downloads of Clinton E-mails. It’s described as giving a thumb’s up to dumping the e-mails when the Trump Team wanted them out in public. They may have been provided with information about the hacked e-mails in advance, and used that information to their advantage in the campaign.

We have a President and his aides under investigation for espionage, and more accurately treason, in aiding the Russian cyber-attack on our democracy, not to say Nixon like dirty tricks to win an election. This is not boys-will-be- boy’s offenses, but the most serious charges that can be leveled against an administration.

Is President Trump loyal to the United States and his Constitutional inaugural oath?
Emerging facts and leaked information is painting a picture of a group of traitors who put their own interests ahead of their country.

Yes, the Trump Administration is in Pete Seeger’s Deep Muddy, and that damn fool Trump said to push on.

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