Benedict Arnold in the White House? by Thomas Martin Saturday

Time Magazine Cover for this week’s TIME Magazine

Revelations that at least four Trump aides have been in constant contact with Russian intelligence since 2015 raise the most serious questions, not only about the integrity of the 2016 election, but worries that the President and those around him have been fatally compromised by Putin, and Russia via blackmail and cooperation with Russian designs around the world.

Trump’s assertion that he has no investments at all and gets nothing from Russia is such a bald faced improbable lie when we note that his son Eric told reporters in 2008 that they would be surprised at how much of the Trump Empire’s income is staked to Russian investments. Is it that Putin can wave a finger and the Trump business empire just crumbles? Is the price of his not doing that Trump’s willingness to work with Russia, and be less responsive to our NATO allies? It appears this may be close to the truth of the baffling love for Putin Trump has shown, and his inept, inert responses to a number of provocations the Russians have made in the past month.

Russia has deployed their most advanced missiles to the border with Ukraine, something expressly forbidden by treaty with the U.S. No response. A Russian intelligence vessel with sophisticated radar and listening gear is untouched and untroubled just 30 miles from our main nuclear submarine base in Groton, Connecticut. No response. Still another set of close fly-bys with armed Russian warplanes and our vessels in the Black Sea. Putin at least, knows how to respond to an American intelligence vessel there. Trump complained that we needed to both drastically increase the size and power of our military and to respond to such provocations. He wanted to fire upon close run ins by Iranian boats on our destroyers in the Persian Gulf. No response.

What does it mean should the indications using credible intelligence, yes leaked by patriotic intelligence officers to the major newspapers and media show that Trump and his people encouraged and worked with Russian intelligence to undermine our elections this past November? As one headline proclaimed yesterday “none dare call it treason,” we must begin to work on the assumption that indeed treasonous behavior and the Trump Administration may be closely acquainted.

We already have a Constitutional Crisis. Should our chief executive, charged with our foreign policy, and as Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces, be compromised and acting in fear of retaliation from Putin lest his businesses collapse when the financial rug is pulled out from under him in Russia, it is as bad as it can be; larger than Watergate. Malcolm Nance, a graduate of a career in the Navy, and U.S. intelligence and now a security consultant used the term “we may be in Benedict Arnold territory,” just yesterday.

Oh yes, we must dare—dare to call it Treason.

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