Azure Stones, Original Poetry by Thomas Martin Saturday


I rise to speak
for the love of justice
runs deep
in cool waters

swirling about the oppressed
of my land
searching the rocky bottom

for azure stones
whose facets are plumb and true
bringing affirmation,
sharing that is equal

bearing essential compassion
even for the rich man
feeling nothing for his Lazarus
eating crumbs at the gate

so that empathy,
may sweep over this nation
a banishing of iniquitous decrees

only those who refuse to atone
for their injustices to humanity
need fear,
making a desert of their own
facing an indifferent God.

One thought on “Azure Stones, Original Poetry by Thomas Martin Saturday

  1. This is Sebastian. It was very nice meeting you at the coffee shop.

    I really like poems. I made a poem book of my own.

    I have to be honest though. I really didn’t write poems lately, and it feels like I lose part of myself. It is like a car has that need for gas, but the car is too hot to run.

    I am going through your website. Thanks for your knowledge. You have great energy.


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