As a Flower, Original Poetry by Thomas Martin Saturday


I am merely a fragment of creation
imprisoned in the minutia of time,

that speck of sand driven underfoot
on the boundless beach

that blade of grass
amid the abundance
of a summer meadow,

a fallen sparrow
that strand of hair on a single head
within the great churning sea of humanity

billions of planets,
countless stars in their courses

that eternity of someone else’s’ tomorrows
humbled and torn,
seeping into that darkened soul
in the vest pocket of God.

It’s all senseless without grace,
love and gratitude
opening my eyes
seeing the beauty,
taking that next breath with delight.

As a flower turns its eye to the sun,
so I seek the light
fitting my piece into the great puzzle.

Empathy and compassion,
it’s all there;

for the love of God people,
why won’t you?

Just feel the warmth of the light
so we can make
the glory of the Creator speak!

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