Smoother Second Day for RNC 2016 but Focus Remains on Fear and Hate

He That Must Not Be Named Valdemort

Struggles for Justice takes note of a much better second day of the Republican National Convention. That’s good for America. Nevertheless, with delegates chanting “Lock Her Up,” and Chris Christie prosecuting Hillary Clinton for a laundry list of supposed sins, and asking a biased jury to declare “Guilty!” reflects badly on the GOP. Middle class Americans trying to make a living, and wondering how they will be helped by a Trump presidency and a continued control of Congress have little to go on. Both the party platform and the convention remain preoccupied with how to hurt people not like the majority GOP white audience. There is always hope for day three, but only a naïve idiot would expect more from a GOP that is morally bankrupt and lacking positive vision that uplifts the United States and its people. A top Trump advisor for Veterans affairs has told reporters that Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason. We just can’t make this stuff up.

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