A Psalm to my Country by Thomas Martin Saturday



A puzzle opened only to the true and righteous
the necessity to fit,
become whole

built of lies and deceit
manufactured misunderstandings
confuse and confound

the mountains made low
for the way is made straight
compassion’s road
pilgrims on the way of truth,
of light.

The long shadow of fear
shelters those most afraid
a world safe for those loving hate
greatness and power
perpetual war,
retribution’s dance
death machines
and more.

The righteousness of equality
true wisdom
legacy of our children,
birthing empathy for the lowly
understanding by the exalted.

Suspicion of the wise
celebratory ignorance
foolishness by those pursuing fools,
an extended babyhood of moral idiocy
the milk of false gods
feeds violence
down the throats of the intolerant and wrong.

What is written
on the nation’s great tablet
evident truths
conferred by our creator
to birth free and equal
human rights that endure
despite persecution and evil

so that the road made straight
allows the blameless
to catch that train
to a life full of what we choose,
most need
the great community’s
unfettered happiness
not selfishness and greed.

-Copyright 2016 by Thomas Martin Sobottke

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