We Hate Much Better than We Love, Original Poetry by Thomas Martin Saturday


We hate much better than we love,
our mutual suspicion
replacing the common community,
seeing brown skinned people with head coverings

the wide expanses of the great them,
evil intent
before we even know their names

SWAT teams dispatched
radios squawk
breaking news on our television screens
shots fired
a rising crescendo of voices
like a wave smashing into
the soft, sandy substance
of love

thrown aside

replaced by hate so vile
millions of hands fondle weapons
bought with Christmas presents,
16 shots and thirteen months

of hate robotically expressed
billions more to the death industry;
the real Black Friday

of our souls
already bought and paid for
with the large bunker of hate
coming so easily from our lips

our hearts
infected with the serum
of ancient serpents

from the distant beginning
our greatest enemy
teaching our children to hate once more

instead of crouching to protect the tiny flame
bringing light
empathic action
a love true
that makes the way straight–

for the wide crevices,
canyons of doubt,
a roadmap of a broken world,
evidence of abundant despair

can we even listen,
with ears that hear
and eyes that see

the great light
hope and love abundantly given;

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