Let Those Who Call for Boots on the Ground BE the Boots on the Ground



Struggles for Justice espouse both peace and toleration among all of humanity. The Paris Terror attacks last Friday night were attacks on all of humanity, not just on Christians or Frenchmen. When the United States suffered the 9/11 attacks France said that Frenchmen were Americans. In the spirit of the Marquis de Lafayette we are all Frenchmen now. Americans have complete sympathy with France and its people. We have been through this already and know from first-hand experience what it is like. We see the people lighting candles in Paris, putting up boards searching for a loved one they could not immediately contact and suspecting the worst. France mourns. We mourn with them, with utmost respect, and the knowledge that this is their experience first. God bless France and uphold its government and way of life.

In the United States the usual cast- of characters wants a large portion of our armed forces to be fighting in Iraq and Syria. They have already forgotten the key act of a previous administration that launched an elective war, and not one that was required of us. They lied about the one thing that led most Americans to support it. Most tragically of all were those who served and died, were wounded in body or mind or both. The war in Afghanistan was necessary in order to pursue Bin-Laden and his henchmen, along with that portion of the Taliban that ruled and gave succor to the attackers. That same administration failed to get Bin Laden when perhaps a more focused and relentless pursuit would have gotten him. They then compounded the errors of the British Empire and of Russia before us and attempted to conquer the region, hold it, and build a nation where democracy and one nation were so rare. They still are despite hundreds of thousands of our soldiers, and airmen being there so long, and a small force remaining there.

We recognize the sacrifice and patriotism of those who serve and have served in our armed forces, where the verbal platitudes of our politicians ring hollow when you or those you protect in your unit are killed or wounded.

Let those who lead us, and all those who clamor for war, be the first to go to Syria or Iraq, or Afghanistan and fight. Let them join our armed forces tasked with that fight OR to put it crudely, bluntly to shut up.

Fox News, the Laura Ingrahm’s of the world, Republican Presidential hopefuls, immediately blamed President Obama for permitting the attacks. No one who lead nations we are allied with, nor those tasked in our nation with protecting us give their permission or permit attacks to occur. The terrorists themselves have cleverly avoided our detection and they themselves act to do the actual harm to the innocent.

We as a people are strongest when we act to support the President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court to do what they must to curb terrorism. This by extension with the Executive Branch includes our armed forces all over the globe. They swear an oath to support the Constitution and in doing so the President as Commander-In-Chief. Why can’t the boots on the ground crowd who will not actually go and fight overseas do so?

Immediately following 9/11, President Bush received unqualified support in fighting terror. We ought to extend the same courtesy to the President now in office. In the criticism of policy it can be yes. But the sort of unqualified condemnation of a President gone gray in service to the nation is not deserved and does not do any respect to those dishing it out so venomously. One other President, when faced with condemnation of the nation’s Congress, and respecting the rule of law spoke of his “having gone gray in your service.”

That later President of the United States was George Washington.>

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