The New Atheism Mistakes Verity of Faith for Epistemological Scientific Analysis by Thomas Martin Saturday

I’m re-blogging this, essentially re-publishing it, as I think it too is timely for a s long as humanity will exist in any form.

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Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher all have my respect and even admiration for their talents, and their ability to stand their ground and state what they believe and know, so too, the millions of professed Atheists around the world. They have shown us that there is neither scientific evidence nor rational explanation for the existence of god—any god. They have demonstrated that religion, when left to human beings, is not only dangerous, but evil itself malevolently expressed.

All that can be said in favor of religion is that with this observation made about humanity, and its inability to ever act rationally, and with humanistic ethics put in place by humankind on any large scale, their faith in it is totally unfounded by the very same methods by which they have destroyed the efficacy of religion in our world. Face it, humanity is lost, an evil strain…

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