On the Field of Gettysburg With McGraws’s Battery; In Memorium by Thomas Martin Saturday


The product of a day out this past Memorial Day 2015:

Abruptly the strong breeze,
scent of Lilac,
pungent cigar smoke
telling me they’re here,

lest we forget
the sacred proposition:

birth free and equal

threatened by wayward hearts
blowing out the nation’s lamps
bringing the light
whereby we see one nation
governed among ourselves
to the profit of all

footfalls of men
sacrificing themselves without reservation,
lifting the banner
of such a noble idea;

not empires
devoted to selfishness
grasping for power
for its own sake

we are duly chastised now,
for reverting imperially
to a plutocracy
that shields
vox populi
from how lost we are.

The fight is here,
the working out
finding the means
to accomplish the thing
so desired

to perfect our Union
human liberty
held aloft
as if by magic to the marvel of the world

in this place,
though some refuse to see,
others seeing it all to clearly,
yet paradoxically
encompassing the whole.

A threshing floor,
a harvest
for the experience,
the reality of freedom
bequeathed to humanity,

they still bid us come
commune with the dead
so the knowing continues.

Composed on that battlefield on Memorial Day 2015
Warm thanks to the soldier’s spirits present with me;
a contented muse of the dead. Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved

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