Why Liberals Fail to Grasp the Conservative Mind’s Ability to Know the Truth by Thomas Martin Saturday



The U.S. military is at this moment about to embark on planned military exercises Jade Helm 15, focusing on unconventional warfare in nine States this summer. Alex Jones, Texas Governor Abbot, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are worried this might be the prelude to a full invasion of the State of Texas, readmitted to the Union following the American Civil War. They say, and many Texans share their worries, that it is once again President Obama who is ordering this. FEMA camps are allegedly being readied to house the thousands upon thousands of political enemies of the Obama regime. These same people blame the President for causing the hysteria in the first place.

Then there are vapor trails in the sky that seem to bring strong tornadoes and hurricanes and more to much of the United States. Here too, the Federal Government under the control of Obama is doing this Conservatives say from observation of the phenomenon. Just what conspiracy has he launched to kill and destroy with such magnitude?

And there are very troubling questions about the disappearance of President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the crucial hours during and immediately after the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi Libya. Have Obama and Clinton become shape shifters? Can they appear and disappear at will and with a deep seated malevolence?

Just why is it that the IRS continues to hound so many Americans for their political beliefs—always conservative Republicans and Republican groups catching so much of the persecution?

How did Obama engineer the arrival of so many children with dangerous transmissible diseases across our border with Mexico a year and more ago?

Conservatives have long known that Obama is a Sharia Law Muslim in league with ISIS, the fight to control ISIS the most brilliant cover ever conceived by any U.S. sitting president. Right wingers know that Obama is not am American, but a Kenyan Anti-Colonial Nationalist Marxist-Socialist atheistic individual who will stop at nothing to destroy anyone in his diabolical path.

The Oath Keepers and Sovereign Americans can see that Obama is poised to take away all of our guns and once disarmed, imprison all of us. Why can’t the liberal mind have the intellectual and creative gymnastic ability to see these things so plain as day to the rest of us?

The President continues to insist our children be vaccinated against common diseases now under control. Conservatives know that these vaccines carry serious medical problems with them, all engineered again by Obama and too many liberals that support him.

Climate change is occurring, but it is chemically induced via vapor trails. The entire climate change and evolutionary scientific hypotheses shows just how diabolically Obama has his finger on American scientists in all fields.

Just why do Liberals fail to understand, see, and really grasp the significance of all these events? Could it be that they too are in league with Obama? Most definitely so as shown by their votes cast in two national elections in 2008, and 2012.

Then there is the Fluoridation of our drinking water since 1946. Obama has done nothing to stop it. Why? Struggles of Justice recommends the drinking of only rain water (but filter that fully as water droplets may be infused with some of the chemicals in vapor trails so prevalent these days). To disinfect the water use a healthy does of Jack Daniels Whisky, Bourbon, or pure grain alcohol if you can get it—children included.

Struggles for Justice, after a long exhaustive investigation, employing agents far and wide who have spoken with Federal Government officials and liberals by the thousands, has found the answer connecting all of these events, plots, counter plots, and also deadly conspiracies against you and me. We have found the secret Obama seeks to protect at all costs.

The Liberal mind is a curious thing. Despite displaying a decided empathy and compassion for other human beings, unusual comfort with people who are different than they are, those same Liberals all display the same common trait. It prevents them from seeing Obama’s perfidies, too numerous to mention here.

Just what is it? They are fatally flawed in a number of areas. First, and foremost, they insist on real evidence for assertions about events and alleged conspiracies, so understood and seen so well by Conservatives. Second, they insist on employing Science and the Scientific method, along with logic. Conservatives well know these are fatal barriers to seeing the truth. And they are based in observable and directly experienced reality.

So forgive them, for they know not what they do, and cannot see truth the way the rest of us do.

One thought on “Why Liberals Fail to Grasp the Conservative Mind’s Ability to Know the Truth by Thomas Martin Saturday

  1. Your column has shown the truth finally! For years, this liberal has always ‘checked the facts,’looking to science, historical documentation and even direct testimony before making a decision. Now, I know how wrong I was; it was all Obama’s fault. I was bewitched by the mind-waves sent by the Obama Department of Brain Numbing into belief in science and fact, instead of the all-knowing beliefs of conservative conspirators.

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