Long Beach Melody, Original Poetry by Thomas Martin Saturday


The news came in
on the inrushing tide
Hollywood fantasies,
waves spanking the shore like whale fins
kissed by California sun,

then receding again
smooth and clean
revealing a state of unreality
nothing out of place
it is what you wish for.

In the distance at Long Beach
long lines of container ships
jockey for dock space
filled with cars and shopping mall dreams,
material things equating with happiness

Palm Trees lining the Pacific Coast Highway
speaking of paradise
in low whispers.

When watching waves on a beach
it is important to know
that each wave brings inevitability
more will follow,
mortality and inevitability
someday will collide.

They say life’s a beach
but never tell you
that a beach is not life,
that it cannot be brought with you,
like the solitary young woman
slender and lithe

moving through the world
barefoot in blouse and shorts
hips gently swaying,
hair pinned up neatly
carrying her sandals demurely at her side.

She has yet an army of waves
to walk on the edge of,
where cool waters
tease her feet, long exquisite legs.

Just as she walks
without care or worry,
searching vainly for mortality,
she knows an unselfish love
carrying her
supremely to eternity.

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