Fear by JLZ


It is nameless
Or is it?
For it knows me
And that which knows me
Surely is called by something other than
the void.

It is senseless
Can it be?
For it has a mind of its own
Though its mind is idle
As it manipulates on behalf of its own

It is powerless
But how is this?
When it wickedly annihilates
Even the strongest of an inflexible coven
Making waves through masses of pure

It is useless
Who said this?
Likely the immoral one
Whose brave face is an altered
Reflection of the dark reality that he or
Must face as an innate quality of
outward destruction.

It is pathetic
Why is this?
We use it to escape
Our personal demons with excuses
Piled higher than the mountain of lies
and bullshit.

It is everywhere
How do we know this?
Because we see it in ourselves
But we point it out in everyone else
To avoid an exchange of the truth we

It is complex
Is that what you think?
Simplicity surrounds it like
A magical orb devoted to its life force
But a blinded and wounded society
cannot see clearly.

It is vile
But what is it?
Tell the world what you hear
Through these words of few for you
What I speak of and the suction by
which it draws you in.

It is (__blank__)
Can you fill it in?
Consider that which holds you back
During times which divine animalistic
Emerges like a roaring lion but you still
cower like a child.

It is obvious
Is it to you?
It should be, considering
It creeps up alongside of you too
But if you think you don’t, remember, it
still knows you.

Copyright 2015 by JLZ

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