Two Novels in the Ellis-Eaton Series Now available from Moving Train Books and Author Thomas Martin Saturday



It’s the American Civil War and two men destined to meet and face untold challenges for the Union cause, Sanford J. Ellis and Union artillery Captain Benjamin Eaton, are flung into the center of intrigue and espionage, while the women they love wait back home, one herself a spy and Southern born and raised but Unionist. These novels and the series give fair play to both sides. Slavery was at the center of the conflict but few knew how to solve the nation’s dilemma short of war. The men, women, and children caught in its wide sweeping scope were largely powerless to change the fate of both sections, North and South. Sanford J. Ellis a war correspondent, often drunk and a cad, a Boston Blueblood Radical Republican is crucial to the Union’s success. Benjamin Eaton, a Southern Marylander but loyal to the Union, 2nd in his Class of 1861 and West Point, and as honorable as can be found make an unlikely pairing.

Join them both and those entwined with them of both sections as they live the most significant years of the 19th Century, and arguably the nation to date.
There is combat action, espionage, loves, and romance with the adventurous pair. Enter the door to make the journey with them.Just go to:

a> to purchase passage on what is a series of books that take you into another time and place with historical accuracy.

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