Milwaukee Poet Marta Meyers Issues Call to Action on Social Justice



Member, Milwaukee Rainbow Writers
A Writer’s Colony
At 19th and Wisconsin, Redeemer Lutheran Church
Meets every other Saturday at six P.M.
(See Facebook and for up-to-date Information

We have such a wonderful
History__ a Socialist Mayor,
for god’s sake!
Who can say that?
We have the glorious and
awesome Lake Michigan
mostly, an easy ride from
Anywhere and a glorious day
can be spent on her shore!
Don’t have a car? Probably wait
two to three hours and a bus
might get you there.
The transit system was slashed as
One of the first cuts,
Never mind, that it’s the poor
who ride the bus!
We do have our Badges of Honor,
Sit back, listen, you might be
Milwaukee, oh Milwaukee
The most racially segregated city
in America!
The worst place to raise a
Black child.
Oh my god!
I have two!
What Have I done?
We have the largest population
of African-American inmates
In our jails
(mostly for non-violent offenses)
Single mothers in their teens
abound, with spotty pre-
natal care producing
low-birth weight premature
babies, complicated by
drug and alcohol issues,
Now we have these children.
Many are raised in poverty-stricken,
Single-parent households,
The government has cut much,
Food Share, being major
They enter school,
Stomachs growling,
Haven’t eaten, how long has it been?
Now, they are home,
“Mommy’s tired, can’t you see?
I just worked the night shift.
Teacher’s class size too big to help
These kids.
They show lower test scores on
performance testing.
This despite the dread Chapter 220,
Choice, and Charter Programs
These, seen by “many” as robbing
From the funds of those who
“made” and “deserve” these monies.
Can we not see that we are still at work
Against “Jim Crow?”
Teutonia, Atkinson, Appleton what I thought
were just confusing streets,
are actually battle lines.
There are others, I am sure.
Ask an “Outsider,” they will tell you of
these “lines,” where to go and not go,
In our fair City of Milwaukee.
It takes a special “eye” for those boundaries.
One thing I know for sure, Milwaukee,
These lines, these boundaries, this
Poverty is not beneficial for growth and they
will not lead us to a fair and just society,
We must all join hands and hearts and souls
Let us be cleansed so we might move forward.
What will it take for us to see that we are all ONE?
This is what I wait for.
This is what I want so see.
Then, and only the, can this City “remove” these
“Badges of Honor.”
Les us come out of this Darkness into the Light.

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