Tear Gas or the Ballot in Ferguson, Original Poetic Verse by Thomas Martin Saturday


(With Distinct Apologies to Dr. Seuss)

I’m the policeman all shiny and blue,
sworn to protect myself from you.

All black, so big, a threat no doubt,
there’s two of them now
I let out an obscene shout.

Why then do they not obey my commands,
to get familiar with sidewalks
and sit on their hands?

Shot one, shot two did I hit him you think?
How dare he run away
he should be thrown in the Klink.

He stops, he turns, hands up he says,
“don’t shoot”
but I want to so bad, so it is
shot three, shot four, shot five and shot six,
is he dead yet or am I still in a fix?

We’re the police you know and our reunion
has come to your town
to rain lead on your Constitution,
but we can’t let you pass
till we’ve plied you with bombs,
and loads of tear gas.

What’s this?
No more riots, just people circumspect?
Just clean streets, a common purpose,
with love and respect.

Oh dear, oh my whatever are we to do?
they’ve gone to the ballot
they scream and they shout,
so wait till next year
when they throw us all out!

-Thomas Martin Saturday
August 2014

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