We’re riding on compassion’s star,
for the least of these
whether near or far,

where we are them,
no longer us,
revealing that love greater than ourselves
justice’s certain, true trajectory,

that long moral arc
that helps us feel that sensation
the compassion star’s ovation,
we see its light already there,
waiting for all of us,

making selfishness, greed, hatred, and wrong
hang its head in shame,
then go to the devil where they belong,

‘cause we’re riding compassion’s star,
across a boundless universe
to that place within ourselves
we had yet to know,

so we can be our own compassion star,
rising, ever rising,
visible, right there for others to find,
like so many grains of sand on life’s beach
the compassion star is within everybody’s reach,

so we’re riding, yes we’re riding
on compassion’s star,
to that day when we fill the sky
with the brightness the Lord longs for us to generate
that vast assembly of countless compassion stars,

where no one ever more need ride along,
just shining,

–June 2014
Copyright by Thomas Martin Sobottke

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