Wisconsin G.O.P. Set to Vote on Secession: What Would Lincoln Think?



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On the very anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, defender of the Union, the strong “more perfect Union” of our modern Constitution and not the old Articles of Confederation, comes a newspaper story from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Daniel Bice telling us that among a number of resolutions the Wisconsin G.O.P. has waiting for its state convention next month is one asking delegates if secession should be a plank of the Republican Party in Wisconsin.

Party officials told Bice they wanted to kill it when the thing came before the Resolutions Committee at the Hyatt Hotel in Milwaukee last 5 April but it passed anyway with slight amendment on a split committee vote. Don’t you believe that for a single moment. This was the Wisconsin State Republican Party caught telling the truth about itself with its Neo-Confederate Credentials hanging out in full view– if you’ll just look.

Even Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker walked this back a bit this week saying “I don’t think that one aligns with where most Republican officials are in the State of Wisconsin—certainly not with me,” Walker said. The Governor made the statement at a press event on Friday.

Using plain English Struggles for Justice translates from reactionary politician-speak:

“Holy shit! If the national press gets ahold of that one, the Party, and especially me, will take a big hit. I’ll still be feeling it on that stage in early 2016 being the favorite to win the Republican Nomination for President by then.”

The Party’s support for this is based firmly in the wide powers given to state governments and individuals by the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. But folks; not so fast. The Amendment includes the resolution-killing phrase “The powers not delegated to the United States.”

Since the guns fell silent in that cold spring of 1865 and since the body of a beloved and slain President lay in State in the White House with Mary Lincoln sobbing and then crying uncontrollably there has not been such a bare-knuckled challenge to the idea of a strong Union of the States bequeathed to us by the blood of hundreds of thousands of Americans who fought so hard and so long at such great cost to themselves for the Union.

Is Struggles for Justice waving the Bloody Shirt after so long a passage of time? Hell, you bet we are! And we can also remind our readers that General William Tecumseh Sherman said repeatedly following the war:

“The line of Union and Rebel, of loyalty and treason, should be kept always distinct.”

What could they be thinking? How could any group of Republicans not know this was wrong? No matter how they walk it back they have let this secret become an open secret now. The G.O.P.’s rightward shift in the last six years—not so strangely corresponding to a black President, who reveres Lincoln, has put them squarely in the Neo-Confederate camp.

The American Civil War and the issues it raised are still central to our time and any time a strong Union is desired. And bloodshed is an all too real future possibility. Mark our words. It is no hyperbole or metaphor but a plain, unvarnished, and an exceedingly sordid truth.

Why else do you think Republicans desire a Putin-like President, while so contradicting themselves on secession and with the Tenther’s or Tenth Amendment Movement?

A more perfect Union can NEVER be a Confederation of loosely associated states where state sovereignty instead of the genuine truly national one; powers of the Union is supreme.

Note also that beyond the blood of so many Union veterans of the American Civil War is the Supreme Law of the Texas vs. White (1875) Supreme Court decision where then Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase wrote in the majority opinion without equivocation that secession was unconstitutional—it was unlawful. And any move that so threatens the national government is treason—make no mistake. And so it remains to this very day until a Robert’s conservative Supreme Court majority in their untutored illogic and foolishness might overturn the decision.

And support for secession and weak government is never a substitute for a wise and engaged citizenry, along with political parties that consult the nation’s legacy and history.

Know too that Daniel Webster said as far back as 1850 that there can be no “peaceable secession.” He was born out by well over 620,000 deaths between 1861 and 1865.

The Scott Walkers and rural retro-Republican Neo-Confederates of Wisconsin tell us emphatically that if such a resolution passes a State G.O.P. plank at next month’s convention no matter by how slim a plurality, that this says the Republican Party is a dead thing that mocks its greatest founder.

What would Lincoln Think? WWLT? He’d be a Democrat!

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