That Other World by Thomas Martin Saturday


The man says how can you not think of money,
mover and builder of worlds
marking every success
superiority over ordinary men
a rebuke to the idleness of the poor
desires, dreams, your every whim
immediately consulted

my weak reply that it had not entered my mind,
the writer’s muse for my companion,
possessing the love imparted by the great teacher,

The man says how can you not love power,
standing above all others
these little men
to be despised like dogs
yet controlled for your amusement,

my weak reply this holds no interest for me
for how could I know friendship’s warmth,
or be a servant to my people
satisfaction at a life well lived,

The man says but surely you require a kingdom,
vast lands
far reaching dominions,
extending to crimson horizons
too vast to be seen or fully mapped,

my weak reply puzzled as to what need
a solitary man
not the Creator
would have for them,

The man says carve out civilization from this wilderness,
leave no thing unexploited
take all and watch your wealth grow,
silver and gold piled high in your counting houses,
for why should the Earth stand idle when you command all,
brook no rivals
every living thing subject to your ruling hand,

my weak reply that Creation is what delights my eye,
wishing to take only what is needed
for comfort,
learning to share with others,

The man says you are truly weak and senseless,
why should I bother with you little man,

my weak reply that the frail,
the little men of the world,
something you do not see
have the Creator’s love at our command,
how could we want for anything with that?

-March 2014

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