Republicans Move New Restrictive Voting Measures in Senate: A Constituent’s Principled Response


The time is always right to do something right

Sen. Paul Farrow and Representative Adam Neylon:

I am one of your important constituents. What persons in your respective districts who ARE your constituents are unimportant? Think on that a moment. We together want to build a better Wisconsin for our children. We don’t do it by running away from our system of government–a republic where the citizens rule and not some petty despot.

Most certainly I do not and will not abide any yes vote for the bills that apply to voting restrictions upon Wisconsin citizens; measures that are so crafted as to make it more difficult to vote in Wisconsin for the elderly, the disabled, the young of voting age, racial minorities with few resources and even those of your own party whose loyalty you would betray. These persons are legal citizens of the United States of America and legal residents of the State of Wisconsin which is factually a part of our United States.

The right to vote is a constitutionally protected right on the State and Federal levels. The old Declaration, the founding document of our Republic, declares in defiance of these newly proposed voting measures that you hold your places by the consent of all of us and especially those constituents living in your districts.

If we do not keep full and easy access to the voting booth and same day registration in the spirit of Fighting Bob Lafollette we do great harm to the fundamental democratic process itself and we betray a century and more of Wisconsin progressive tradition in full support of democracy and popular participation in selecting those who lead us in the days ahead.

I am asking both of you to stand up, show real courage–yes real courage. Tell others in both the Senate and Assembly to VOTE NO with you on the bills before you on March 11th. Political parties ought to stand or fall on the ideas they have and bring forward to make Wisconsin a better place to live and its government more responsive and not less.

You know this has absolutely nothing to do with partisan politics and everything to do with democracy. Yes, democracy. I’ve taught a generation of Wisconsin children that we have real democracy here. Is this to become a fraud? Must I tell them their representatives lack the resolve to support what we all believe. Do I have to lie to them as they become adults?

The Wisconsin Constitution and the United States Constitution do NOT support this legislation advanced now. Do you want to have this travesty on the public record for future historians and political scientists to take full note of? You will have materially damaged our Republic and State. Is that what your legacy of public service is to include? Stand up and do the difficult and unpopular but just and right thing. Vote NO on this legislation. And stand for the integrity of our Republic and State.

This voter regardless of political perspective sees this as THE LITMUS TEST on the legitimacy of your holding the seats you hold. Were I to hear from you of your principled stand against this legislation and of your NO votes cast against them it’s a marker for me to get wise and change my voting pattern and electorally support you both. For it shows me your merit and integrity like a beacon of justice and right.

What will you do and how do you justify it? I want to know how you voted and why. And I WILL note if you cave in to party pressure here. When our Wisconsin and National democracy is on the line there is really only one way an honest and principled legislator can vote.

I am an unwavering advocate for truly democratic government as our founders conceived it and as their descendants perfected it. I always vote and I have a lot of presence in social media. Let’s get me trumpeting your stand for justice and right rather than condemning your infamy in my blog, to my friends who also live and work and vote here however I can. It is all at stake here now. What will you do?


Thomas Martin Sobottke

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