It’s a KKK Christmas: Traditionalist American Knights of the Klan Recruiting in Racially Diverse Chicago Suburbs


Plastic baggies with fliers telling of a KKK Neighborhood Watch Program and recruiting efforts, complete with Candy Canes for Christmas have been found in Tinley Park, Illinois and nearby Oak Forrest in the Harlem Avenue to Hickory Street Neighborhood.
The fliers say:

You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake! Are there Troubles in your neighborhood? Contact the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Today!”

There is a phone number and web address for the group.

This is cold comfort to black residents of these places in the Chicago Suburbs. Chicago’s NBC Affiliate and the Chicago Tribune also received the sweet and threatening Christmas missives.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center the Traditionalist American Knights of the Klan are “to all appearances, an organization of thugs. Bad neighbors. Street fighters. They include rip-off artists would-be wife-killers. Alleged abusers of infants. Drug informants. One former state leader served two years for the gang rape of a college student. Another leader publicly threatened a massacre if the group were attacked. One alleged member was charged last year with shooting up a black man’s occupied home.”

On African –Americans the group assessment is they are “primitive, ugly, foul-smelling, jungle savages [who] have polluted America with their ape-like odor and disgusting habits.”

The group uses obscenity while making carrying guns common. “We use the hate language,” said Jeff Berry the Imperial Wizard. “Sometimes you have to, to get a point across.” Berry and his some 6,000 cohorts nationwide also can speak of being nothing more than “a high minded civil rights group for whites.”

The latest report of the U.S. Bureau of the Census indicates whites will be in the minority by 2045, and that the process is moving more rapidly than predicted. This is the fuel behind the panic of the Republican conservative Tea Party Wing, Fox News, much of the Republican base, nearly all white and secessionist minded groups like the League of the South protesting what they call “Southern Demographic Displacement.” That’s short for hey look there are a whole lot more blacks, Asians, Latinos, and Middle East Muslims around here all of a sudden.

These and other “so called” Patriot groups are really fighting against this Twenty-first century more enlightened America where gay rights has joined the main line and broad civil rights movement, and those working for comprehensive immigration reform. The League of the South wants a government led by Anglo-Celtic white men, an elite and loyal group from that race of people. They also see secession as a way out of an America that no longer dances to their tune.

So, why not have a candy cane and sleep soundly tonight knowing the KKK is protecting or perhaps if you are of color, attacking your neighborhood.

There has been no reaction from law enforcement as yet to what probably is constitutionally protected speech and sweets.

Merry Christmas to all and to all racist hate groups a thuggish, criminal good night.

4 thoughts on “It’s a KKK Christmas: Traditionalist American Knights of the Klan Recruiting in Racially Diverse Chicago Suburbs

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Could it possibly be, that as a nation, we are losing our equilibrium as a People? To counter what I view as immigration influx and disparity of employment, could it be possible that either today’s people have no memory of strife? I happen to be a registered member of the Conservative Party, and consider myself a Patriot, but would anyone wish to sail aboard a boat with ballast only laden on right or, left side? When I was a cop, I witnessed people suffering. I saw firsthand, life in the streets. The horrors, and the beauty. The more economic conditions are neglected by elected officials, the worse, conditions of poverty, hunger, and homelessness will become, and that, will set the stage, as it happened, in Germany, 1933.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me when those of the uninformed masses post blogs without checking their facts and just operate as mouth pieces for organizations such as the SPLC, NAACP, and others who play out their agenda to achieve financial gain by slandering law abiding Christian organizations such as the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

    There is so many lies in this blog it is difficult to address them all, but I will start at the top and work our way down, first yes the TAK does have neighborhood watch groups throughout the country and assist people on how to conduct these watches in an effort to assist law enforcement in the prevention of criminal activity.

    These groups are in place to help protect the citizens of communities from falling victim to drug related crimes, theft, and child predators who prey on the unsuspecting and innocent. These activities are designed to protect all citizens so all law abiding people of any race have nothing to fear from us, in fact what you never see in the liberal media is the community activities that is sponsored by the Klan such as feeding the hungry with food drives and food baskets, providing toys for needy children at Christmas, and coat drives.

    The additional accusations leveled directly at the membership of the TAK is utterly false and nothing more than slanderous lies as the membership of the organization is made up of White, Christian men and women who are patriotic, productive, and law abiding citizens who do not take part in any criminal activity and who believe in God, family, and country.

    The TAK is a non violent organization and does not promote hatred towards any race, or creed. We do however stand up for and promote the advancement of the white race because of the very reasons you mentioned in your blog concerning the information of the U.S. Census Bureau related to the white race, this information however does not create a panic in our organization but instead it acts as a wakeup call for white people everywhere and substantiates what the Klan has been saying for years concerning the future of the white race. It is obvious our message has been getting out because the ranks of the TAK have been swelling with White Christian Americans who want to reverse these demographics and preserve our Nation.

    Maybe in the future as a blogger you should investigate the facts before you automatically adapt the lies and misleading information about the Klan before you right, I believe they call it journalistic responsibility. If you ever want to find out the truth please feel free to call the number on the flyer and we will respond or visit the Kaltrop Korner Blog Site for all things affecting America today.

    God Bless,
    Imperial Kaltrop / King Kleagle
    Traditionalist American Knights
    Of The Ku Klux Klan

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