Book One of the Ellis-Eaton Series of Novels: Richmond’s Bloody Road by Thomas Martin Saturday

A dead body in a woodpile behind a notorious Washington City bordello, and a link to a great secret that may lose the Union the entire war. It is early spring in 1862 and this is the first of several books in a series of historical novels that feature Union artillery Lieutenant Benjamin Eaton, West Point class of 1861, and a womanizing, hard drinking, and hard nosed war correspondent for the New York Herald Sanford J. Ellis. You’ll want to read this over the holidays or early in 2014. Why? Because the second book in the Series, The Lamentations of Uriah where grand intrigue and murderous danger lurk will be published to open March 2014. So you’ll want to read the introductory novel so the rest will make all the sense in the world and you will be on the grand journey of the series knowing all the characters know and learning along the way all there is to know about the main characters of the series and all their friends, family, and especially their dark adversaries lurking seemingly everywhere! Civil War history, mystery, intrigue, high missions of State and so much about the value of each man or woman in this life when facing such trials, a Fiery Trial as Lincoln was wont to say. Thomas Martin Saturday will have his third novel coming perhaps by the end of 2014 for next Christmas, Give Us A Flag where something terrible and strange is going on in the Sea Islands of South Carolina up the Combahee River. Come jump in with these two men and those they meet and see what they can do to save the Union. Richmond’s Bloody Road is sold in an attractive print edition for $12.99, not those tiny paperback novels. It is more substantial. Kindle Editions can be bought for e-book enthusiasts for just $2.99 for a rippin’ good read!

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