Media Feeding Frenzy by Thomas Martin Saturday

Dark Kingdom Two

Deceit ridden talking heads
assassinate from cyber space
leaving just about any being
walking unsteadily
onto the public stage
reputation, character

ripped from their throats
with evil intent
leaving the field to

wormy maggots crawling, boring in
throughout the corpse,
cockroaches of malicious origin walk over
youthful innocence wholly lost

essence of political thought
cut into like a ripe peach
juices slithering,
slobbering over

dark conceits and blabbering falsehoods
dead civility bleeds out

morally numb
to whatsoever could be in world or universe
unimaginable barbarism

scuttling across your floor this very night
darkness concealing the work to be done
the thing’s

claws and fangs out
shredding humanity

inside the beltway taken pure,

unmitigated soul crushing falsity
just one eternal lie

so easy

aren’t we glad now little man?

-December 2013

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