Ted Nugent Considering 2016 Presidential Bid


National Rifle Association Board Member and Rock and Roll Artist Ted Nugent may have become one of the first Republicans to announce his bid for the Presidency of the United States, on the December 4 Edition of the WND Conspiracy Website.

Nugent even suggested “a Great Compromise” that would heal both sides of the political spectrum. He showed real statesmanship and tact when he said he would be willing to risk NRA wrath by closing the “Gun Show Loophole” for gun background checks.

In exchange, those Americans who do not pay Federal Income Taxes would lose the right to vote. This is the Romney stated 47%.

This Grand Bargain would both close a dangerous loophole that allows persons of questionable intent such as criminals and those who are unusually mentally unstable to purchase guns at gun shows. And at the same time it closes an even larger loophole that permits the working poor, the elderly, the disabled who are unable to work and many students from going to the polls.

Struggles for Justice commends Ted Nugent for his willingness to run on closing the “Gun Show Loophole.” But disenfranchising nearly half of all American voters is a very large step in revitalizing our republican form of government—the great democracy hailed as the world’s oldest and best.

Further, 61% of the working poor who do not pay Federal Income Taxes DO pay payroll, excise and state and local taxes according to Bill Marr of the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. This would include millions of Americans employed in construction, factory, health, and retail businesses across the nation. Many of these people do have at least a high school diploma, and have reached the age of eighteen and older as currently required under the Constitution of the United States.

Nugent’s proposal takes our nation in precisely the opposite direction of the rest of the world’s democracies and of our own history of extending the franchise to women, people of color, and as far back as the days of Jacksonian Democracy of the 1820’s and 1830’s permitting those white males who did not hold land or other tangible property yet who maintain a stable address to vote and take part in deciding what our nation ought to do and who should lead that effort.

The majority of students older than eighteen, constitutionally at present permitted to vote are also often the ones to die for the United States in overseas wars almost unknown, would not be able to vote either as many would not make sufficient money if supporting a family while serving in the U.S. Military to pay Federal Income Taxes in some years.

The idea that those who die so that the Ted Nugent’s of the world can be President and say all they wish, and make music, and serve on one of the most distinguished board of directors of among the most respected national organizations, the National Rifle Association, is outrageous. We note also that those killed at Newtown a year ago are never going to cast another vote nor are the children among them ever going to take their place as real citizens of the United States of America.

Then there is the matter of the disabled and the elderly. In this age of improving healthcare due to technology and the passage of the Healthcare Affordability Act, people are living much longer and with sharp minds and lives born of long experience. Nearly every other culture in the entire world places special value on the judgment of elders. They know that those people have lived through so much that they can often sagely judge who is best fitted to lead us. This applies to those voting for either major political party. And in some cultures elders are specifically sought to lead their peoples. It is a tradition born of positive experience over many cultures for millennia.

The disenfranchisement of nearly half of us is a huge price to pay to make background checks at gun shows when they are not currently being done. Nugent’s first presidential policy proposal also appears to give a huge electoral advantage to a flagging Republican Party of older white men and their spouses who seem to be losing control of the nation—a nation that in total is not so white as it used to be and will be fully integrated as to color by 2045.

Nugent’s policy proposal if agreed to and enacted would require the Democratic Party to sign its death warrant, amend the Constitution, and decidedly make the United States only half as much of a democracy as it was prior to the Great Compromise being enacted into law in the first Nugent Administration of 2017.

Ted Nugent, Republican Candidate for the Presidency in the 2016 Presidential Race, might have made a better first splash into the 2016 Presidential Race by supporting full voting rights for all adult Americans who are not convicted Felons currently restricted from voting, and to simply back the Background Check gun bill proposed by Congress and passed in the U.S. Senate earlier this year. That would fully accomplish Mr. Nugent’s laudable goal to close the gun show background check loophole and at the same time to support our democracy as traditionally composed for many years.

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