Liberalism Dead: An Analog in the Simulated Age of Obama

Liberalism Is a Disease

Conservatives have concluded that American liberalism with its concern for the oppressed, the poor, peace, and people acting to help one another for the common or civic good, often but not always employing government in a common effort just died with the website and Obama’s signature program The Healthcare Affordability Act.

“The most remarkable thing about Sim (simulated) Healthcare is how it serves as an analog to liberalism in the age of Obama generally,” says National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg equates liberalism with President Obama making uplifting speeches and Democrats cutting huge checks to the Democratic Party when nothing liberal is going on. It is all simulated.

Let’s see how this reasoning holds up. How many of you liberals, progressives, populists, social justice advocates spend your time cutting huge checks to the Democrats? How many of you cannot act in the multitude of ways you have or to hold the political principles equated with liberal or progressive politics now or over the sweep of American history, all because the Healthcare Affordability Act is in trouble? If you are a liberal you must support Obama and your liberalism is completely dependent upon Obama alone—you are rich and sit satisfied every time Obama opens his mouth. On that theory it goes like this:

Millions turned away from food banks run by social justice community activists because it is a President Obama Simulated, not real, feel good speech about inequality and the middle class.

Low wage workers who strike and seek a higher minimum wage turn and just go back home because they cannot act without President Obama’s OK and must enroll on the site first.

Thousands of City Workers in Detroit cannot stand up for themselves and assert that they earned their pensions from the City over their decades of public service because liberalism and its idea that public employees should have such things is illegitimate—just a simulation of what the idea had suggested in the first place. And the City of Detroit’s bankruptcy is just a simulation too, right?

Millions more children, the elderly and disabled have less to eat because their Food Stamp benefits were cut. Their hunger each night is just simulated in an Obama speech they listen to each evening, and it must have been Obama and those Democrats you gave what money you had to who did it and are all rich and feel good about the imaginary idea of helping you.

Apparently, the Healthcare Affordability Act forbids Congress under the law to enact programs that might stimulate corporate business and small business alike to expand and hire more people since simulated feel good Obama speeches cannot provide jobs like John Boehner and the Republican House of Representatives are constantly doing in spite of Obama and his Sim job politics he practices.

Liberal Democrats and President Obama shut down the government for several weeks this past fall telling us it was just a simulation to see if we could spend $24 billion more just to pretend we are doing something really cool and fun.

Children are leaving school by the tens of millions to go to work for sub minimum wages in the Tobacco fields, the fruit and vegetable fields of California, and sweat shop labor that is not regulated by Child Labor Laws because Obama and progressives simulated the Child Labor Laws that were enacted in the early Twentieth century.

We cannot invade Iran under Obama: if that were done it would be a simulated assault not affecting anyone anywhere. Liberals, Progressives, and Disciples of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, are not permitted to want to negotiate and keep hundreds of millions of people out of a needless conflict where weapons will kill and destroy—it is all just some X-box game millions got for Christmas.

The battered labor Unions in Wisconsin and Michigan were impacted only by a simulated taking away of collective bargaining rights or making a whole state right to work when Unions are such a central part of that State’s historic identity. No, what Scott Walker did in January of 2011, and Rick Snyder in the dark of night unannounced was just pretend—the Obama induced liberalism that was just that feel good speech he always makes.

The millions in 36 of 50 States where Governors did not take the Federal Medicaid expansion money will not be insured under the Healthcare Affordability Act at all since it is just a simulation and not real: there’s nothing behind that Federal money under the law since it does not exist just like the website does not work either.

Every progressive, social justice advocate, liberal, even peaceful and kind persons of goodwill cannot act or think in terms of the Better Angels of their Nature because they must hear it in an Obama speech first and then feel good and do nothing as that speech and their liberal progressive principles for right action are all a simulated thing induced by the Obama magic and rich Democrats you all cut big checks to every month.

You rich liberal rascals, you feel so self-satisfied kicking back with your favorite glass of wine and listening to the collected speeches of Master Obama on your I-Pods and on boxed DVD sets sold by National Public Radio and Public TV.

The millions of people who came to the polls in November 2012 to cast votes, and re-elected President Obama to a second term—especially those people of color who stood in the long lines for up to eight to ten hours were just simulations Obama invented to make Americans think he had been re-elected. Didn’t you know? Romney won since 31 million of those votes were fraudulent.

Legislators in many states dominated by Republican Governors did not pass vaginal ultrasound laws, and defunding Planned Parenthood clinics poor women depend on for basic healthcare, or took away funding for full access to contraceptives themselves since that too was a part of the Obamacare law and a product of just a simulated passage of those laws in 24 States. Sandra Fluke must really be a slut since Rush Limbaugh and Darrell Issa say so. Protests from liberal women were just one more Obamacare simulated set of actions for justice after they listened to him speak on the news one night and just ran out there and got crazy in Virginia and got that sweet and innocent Governor Bob McDonnell in so much trouble—just an Obama Sim speech did all that—simply amazing.

Republicans hate listening to Obama so much that whenever he made a speech saying something nice about the Dreamers and the Dream Act, or the Senate passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill more and more Republican members of the House of Representatives and particularly John Boehner, and even one of its chief architects, the Latino Republican great brown hope, Marco Rubio, ran away from legislation that will put a $31 billion a year army on the border that is in addition to what is there now. Oh, and that path to citizenship is just a 13-year process you guys from Mexico and Latin America. It’s a snap! But that was just one of those re-elect me 2012 Obama mirages we conservatives keep telling you Latinos about as we reach out to you in such meaningful ways that you are just simply wowed! Republican rebranding you know.

The Newtown Shooting was all set up by Obama and White House insiders, operatives who conducted a Sim mass shooting there and dozens of other places. You know, if we all had guns and used them whenever we felt a need, life would be so much better in the United States. Did you know gunshot victims are covered under Obamacare? But it is really just Sim coverage of gunshot wound victims. And Medicaid recipients not covered under refused Medicaid expansion money will be treated in emergency rooms and the rest of us pay more in an Obamacare plan to get us all really pissed off at each other to take the attention away from the IRS Scandal!

Obama talks real nice about ending the war in Iraq, and winding down to a peaceful result in Afghanistan, the nation’s longest historic war. Why is that war so long? Well, let’s just say it’s another Obama Sim speech that deflects attention from Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!

24 States have passed Voter ID laws that not only require people to get all their ID info together and then get a photo ID that their State approves–taking away absentee voting days and early voting, and same day voting, and early registration for voting for 17 and 18 year olds and inserting regulations that you cannot file a real ballot but a contested provisional one if your name on your ID and that on the registration info the State or County Clerk has in is any way different is a triumph of making the next round of elections sound and truly without the massive fraud that characterizes every Democrat who wins office. The entire effort of the U.S. Justice Department to bring actions in North Carolina and Texas is just to act as a smokescreen for the disastrous rollout of Obmacare.

Liberals are frozen into having simulated progressive principles, beliefs and ideas. Their vision of the nation’s future is nothing but what Obama says in that next speech he makes on the road while he is overusing Air Force One and demanding Secret Service Protection. No Republican President would have need of such a plane or that kind of protection being so popular and rich enough to buy his or her own.

And the worst thing: Every single thing Obama says is illegitimate because he is an illegitimate president, a foreigner who cannot by law be a president of the United States so his upcoming and real impeachment is just around the corner now. You know liberals this guy is not an American but a Kenyan undocumented alien who every day violates the nation’s immigration laws. He too should be deported.

Then the real world will return and there will be no liberalism at all—no progressive politics, nobody with a bleedin’ heart for the poor, the oppressed and the vulnerable among us. All because the source for everything liberal and progressive and just plain decent will be gone: no more Obama!

Sound about right to you? Or is this a pile of conservative Bat Shit Crazy stuff we have to endure as we work for the common good and employ government to aid us in our endeavors both public and private. Is Jonah Goldberg right? Is Obama’s so-called presidency an analog for Liberalism and Progressivism? Struggles for Justice wants the answer to that question—provided by readers. Comment please—yes, please comment on this post.

Just comment and say Goldberg is right on or tell us you are a liberal/progressive who actually can think and act for yourself but you can still say Obama exists and is legit and you agree with a lot of what he is for. Come on. Let us hear from our regular subscribers. Otherwise we will have to do Sim comments submitted by Obama Administration insiders and pollsters here. Or our 65 regular subscribers and hundreds of others who check out our site just Sim visitors to

After all this Jonah Goldberg conservative ID’d Sim Obama and Sim Liberalism and progressivism and even Sim people out to do good things for Sim others we’re not sure if editor Dr. Thomas Martin Sobottke is a Norwegian national undocumented alien hiding out in the United States since 1955 and using Obama Sim politics to put up a Sim blog that does not work and is a failure because no one can enroll on the blog for Obamacare. Not one! Let us know if you are experiencing difficulty in getting healthcare coverage under the Healthcare Affordability Act on Struggles for Justice Blog. Then contact Fox News so Hannity and the rest can wring their hands about it!

Jonah Goldberg? Goldberg National Review enthusiasts, are you out there? Of course, you are really out there—really way out wacko bat-shit out there.

One thought on “Liberalism Dead: An Analog in the Simulated Age of Obama

  1. Confessed Liberal:
    As a member of the Obama Cabinet team I have to say that Republicans are all Bat-Shit Crazy. Liberalism might be a mental disease but just think how easy it is now to Sim being high on weed or recalling how good the ’60’s were for we baby-boomer Weather Underground types. Just came from hearing the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. So very inspiring. Going to see my close friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. We are talking about Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals. Atlas will certainly shrug at that one! Best, Sim Liberal Bob.

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