Speaking on Behalf of the Voiceless: Protecting the Rights of the Vulnerable


Struggles for Justice has its mission statement. Reflecting upon the wisdom of Proverbs 31:8 and King Lemuel there could be no better slogan or mission statement than this. It is who we are here at this blog however humble a thing it is. It says what we ought to continuously be about and in point of fact are consistently about. We also seek new writers to share their struggles for justice in the spirit and action of the good King in Proverbs. We will post poetry for those who crave verse. We’ll post important information on justice actions for the poor and oppressed from viable social justice organizations. We look for essays on the struggle for freedom and peace and good and right: unwavering justice. So writers for social justice in our world seeking a place to write and speak, and poets and writers who wish to submit their work as poems or essays may do so to:

Thomas Martin Sobottke
Managing Editor and Owner
Struggles for Justice

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