Texas Moves to Disenfranchise Women: Other States With Republican Legislatures May Do the Same


Thus far in the great Republican effort to suppress voting rights it was only the poor, the brown, the black, the young and the elderly that have been targeted by Voter ID laws and similar measures to make it more difficult for a citizen to vote rather than encouraging all citizens to participate in their most sacred duty to soberly and with conscience select the people who will serve us in government. The ballot box is the greatest tool of our democracy. Without it citizen’s roles become superfluous no matter their party affiliation or political views.

Now, in the State of Texas, women will have to show proof that the name that appears on the voter registration rolls is the very same name that is on their Voter ID. Not only do you have to have a proper Voter ID that is fully up to date, but all women in Texas must show that if they have any discrepancy between their birth certificate and the ID they must provide the State of Texas with the original copies (no photocopies) of documents indicating verification of marriage or divorce decrees, or multiple divorce decrees if that is an issue.

If a woman simply has changed her name in her lifetime she has a lot of work to do to show that her Voter ID and the voter rolls match when it comes to her legal name at this time. The cost of showing a marriage related name change alone is twice that of the old poll tax standard set during the Jim Crow segregation era. It is at least twenty dollars and perhaps double that if a woman has been discerning in her choice of husbands in marriage.

It requires women to go to county courthouses for divorce decree documents in the original and any name change related to marriage and to pay for the privilege of having originals made for them. If they have these documents it is likely to mean a lot of work hunting up what you thought you had saved.

66% of women in Texas and across the country do have names on voter rolls and with Voter ID materials that match. But for the remaining 34% it would be wise for women in any State controlled by the Republican Party to begin the process of hunting up that divorce decree document in the original or the name change document in the original and of course that original copy of your birth certificate too.

What is going to be required as States amend their Constitutions as Texas is doing this November is that birth certificates in the original and marriage verification documents and divorce decrees will all be things women will need to show that they are who they say they are prior to voting.

It must be stated openly and bluntly: Democrats have no group in this nation—including older white males– who they seek to disenfranchise in any manner, nobody. They want adults who are citizens to vote. It is that simple. This is a Republican problem. Republicans by contrast have so alienated so many voting blocs that they have to creatively invent means to stop them from voting in the customary numbers if not voting altogether.

The women of the United States and not just Texas have for generations been quicker on the uptake than anything the guys are getting up in Texas.

It is unlikely–nay it is not possible, that the new Constitutional amendment requiring all the rush for records will tease out only the liberal Democratic Party leaning women of Texas or anywhere else for that matter.

Women of all political persuasions face at least one or more name changes in their lifetimes. Even if they incorporate both their name by retaining the surname and adding that of their husband in a hyphenated manner this affects them just as much as any other name change or discrepancy on the voter rolls and their ID’s.

Do these women know—do any of them know for certain just how county clerks display their names on voter rolls and if that is exactly to the period, comma or any punctuation mark precisely the same as is on the Voter ID—and a legal Voter ID as the new Voter ID law in your State demands.

It is probably wise for Texas women to verify this even if they believe the two listings to be exact if they wish to vote in 2014 or 2016.

Republican women are just as likely to marry, to divorce, re-marry or make a name change as they age as are poor, Latino and black and liberal white women of the State. This measure is simply breathtakingly insensitive to half the citizen population of the entire country.

It will depress the female vote in upcoming elections in every State that uses this method of voter suppression—and that will be most all States that have Republican Governors and Republican legislatures, some 24 States in our now fading Union.

Large increases in women voting in 2008 and 2012, with perhaps an unusually large turnout in 2014 due to all the things women have had to put up with from Conservative Tea Party Republican measures dealing with women and their bodies and freedoms, have Republican strategists worried.

They are now willing to turn away some conservative Republican women or put them all through this extra requirement that has never been a problem before just so the gargantuan gap between women’s choices for their leaders and that of men can be nullified.

Women are much more likely now to vote for Democrats who are moderate to liberal than they are for that other crowd. This effort to discourage and even prevent women from casting a ballot in future elections in moderate yet significant numbers may hold seats in Congress for the very people who shut down the government last month or say you must get that ultrasound just because it’s Tuesday.

And it is an insult to every woman in this nation that any state would even contemplate doing this. It must be admitted that the editor of Struggles for Justice, though a feminist to the core, is gender challenged here. Women who read this should pass this on to other women they know and make sure it does not happen where they vote.

The right to vote is among the most fundamental rights citizens possess in a free and democratic republic like the United States of America. Just where does this voter suppression stop? Will only conservative, white, male Republicans be allowed to vote? Only Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz and they announce the result and then rule us? Is that it guys? Just doing this in any State should be enough to vote Democrat and for as many liberal men and especially women as possible.

Gee gosh, Wendy Davis, a liberal Democrat is running for Governor and women well, you see, they like her because she is very able and has a great track record as a public servant and maybe could even win if everybody voted next year. Could that be it guys? What do you think?

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