Featured Tea Party Brews: Hate, Fear, Ignorance, White Supremacy by Thomas Martin Sobottke


Tea Party Love One


Americans have a very important choice to make between now and 20 January 2017: Will the United States continue to operate as a democracy and a republic featuring the one-man-one-vote principle and the rule-of-law, within the context of a demographically diverse America, or will we give in to our fears and hatreds and permit a political minority to drag the nation back into the 1950’s in some yesteryear when everything was good—and very white and straight and male, the height of the American Century?

This choice to deny the growing racial, ethnic, religious and gender diversity of the nation and real changes that have taken hold since the mid-twentieth century is led by people who have no limit to how far they will go to take and keep power. They are happy to use one crisis after another, all designed as if Hitler’s Fascists were undermining the Weimar Republic, and not the United States via the Tea Party, permitting such disgust with democracy that a powerful minority ruthless enough to as Ted Cruz said this week, to “do anything” to defeat Obamacare, and by logical extension Obama and the their opposition—that is us—the choice is that stark and that blunt and real. It is right there now in front of us.

Several Tea Party politicians and the right-wing Levine-Beck-Limbaugh-Ingram-Hannity-O’Riley Media Empire have actually referred to those who voted for President Obama last November 2012 as:

“the enemies.” No, not the political opposition held in mutual respect but “the enemies” of their America.

Government itself is the enemy too. Its successful functioning is now something Republicans want to cease. John Boehner was reportedly asked by President Obama two days into the 16-day Government Shutdown what happened, when Boehner assured everyone it would not, Boehner replied, “I was overrun.” The some eighty Tea Party members of the House of Representatives just had too much power and the main-line Republican conservatives were too frightened to stand against them for fear of facing a ruthless and perhaps even anti-democratic Tea Party challenger backed by huge piles of cash in 2014.

From the start this Tea Party movement has had the trappings of patriotic democracy but now along with its open hatred and efforts to de-legitimize two Presidential Elections and the President that was Constitutionally and lawfully selected both times, they have put their electoral ambitions ahead of the life and health and security of the United States of America.

The veil of real American loyalty has fallen. These people want to destroy and not protect, build, and work in common to see the United States of America continue to succeed and our people as a whole prosper in safety and under the common good of humanity.

Think about that: The Tea Party Republicans, and many others too timid to speak up and stand up like real men and women patriots permitted and will permit again, this reckless, ego –driven, Obama hating, ignorance promoting minority to destroy what the founders created two hundred and fifty-five years ago. That’s something.

Robert Parry, writing recently in the Consortium News said of this, “instead of accepting the emergence of this more diverse and multi-cultural America, the Right—through the Tea Party-controlled Republicans—has decided to alter the constitutional framework of the United States to guarantee the perpetuation of white supremacy and the acceptance of right-wing policies.”

But it is even worse than that. Ted Cruz has demonstrated that the Republican Party and its Tea Party tail wagging the dog wing is even willing to suspend the rule-of-law, and allow one man or perhaps one woman to take executive power, not as previous presidents have but as a leader who makes the decisions outside the courts, outside normal electoral politics, and with the ruthlessness to label roughly half or in truth given the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections, when a full electorate participates, more than half of the American people as “enemies” of the State as they conceive it.

That is where we are ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake about that. This is not a rant at all. It is stating the blunt facts of the case and the reality we face now.

Even the United States Chamber of Commerce, and Wall Street corporations, along with many nations around the world have become very worried about the state of our politics and what they see ahead. Businessmen and women want certainty, stability, and safety to pursue their profits and growth strategies for their organizations.

Those nations that previously have looked to the United States to provide the leadership for a democratic and peaceful world now are looking to China and Russia. They do NOT want a Constitutional crisis or a financial crisis where disaster and the rocks below the cliff are seen clearly each time, waiting for the inevitable time when there is not sufficient force to pull the nation away from the brink of something really terrible. And what befalls us has a ripple effect throughout the common Earth we inhabit.

We are far too ahead of ourselves to know whether or not a Ted Cruz, ruling as a dictatorial guarantor of economic stability can convince the American business community to link up with him as the German banks, and the Krupp Armaments firm, I.G. Farben, and the Zeiss optical group among others, to look the other way as German democracy was mugged in a back alley and left for dead by the National Socialist Party under its charismatic leader Adolf Hitler. Does Ted Cruz have such ambitions? It appears he does. And frighteningly, he also has the intelligence, the ruthlessness, and the ability to pull it off.

There are a large group of Southern white voters who would not be sad to see some form of Jim Crow segregation and its attendant racial discrimination come back and control the black and Latino elements in American society. Unions, liberal or left groups have already been under attack and seriously undermined so that their influence is so compromised that they cannot stop the unthinkable from happening here.

It is not an accident that Confederate flags and talk of secession, state’s rights, and nullification—in fact some real outright nullification– is with us via Republican controlled State governments. Conservative white America knows the nation has changed and is changing further and it is getting more female, younger, darker, and all the things that make it more difficult to have what they want.

So we face Round 2 of this battle for America perhaps as soon as January 15th of 2014. There may not be a shutdown this time. So it could come at any time. We can be certain that the complete obstruction of the Democratic Party majority and President Obama or any real effort to find common ground will be featured.

Yes, the President did not compromise this last time. But to have done so would have left the Presidency or Executive Branch itself constitutionally fatally weakened by a most dangerous precedent.

So the Circus stays in town and the fatal undermining of the very heart of our democracy is under dire threat. Unless. . . yes unless we “the enemies” all, some sixty-five millions of us and growing put our collective foot down and say this shall not pass! We accept the gauntlet you have thrown down Ted Cruz, and we will stand for one-man-one-vote, the rule-of-law, the Constitution of the United States and the health and well-being of this Republic.

If we sixty-five million and the lion’s share of the eleven million huddling in the shadows find that we face a political opposition that will stop at literally nothing to have power and harm the bulk of the American people—they will find us terrible enemies indeed!

Dr. Thomas Martin Sobottke
For Struggles for Justice

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