We Two Souls by Thomas Martin Sobottke


To my beloved Kathryn

Just where can you find the complete joining of two souls?

That unspoiled accord between two lovers
beyond the mad rush of sex
not dependent upon the pleasure of the act,

forced to stare into the face of adversaries numerous and supremely powerful,

conspiring to part us

we are truly one in thought and being
entwined with each other,
two distinctly dissimilar patterns that complete each other
delicious, unfettered harmony
able to construct our singular Elysium

so persevering in the strength of our commitment,
that even the question of our continued existence is insufficient
to make us two.

We will not stand







a thing no more.

That well hoped for love that asks nothing yet gives everything
we perpetually contend for.

Love, such complete love,
altogether encompassing,
connecting with the Divine
powered by the Spirit

remembered at the dawn of time and its end,
consummated wholeness
fully at peace,
claimed to be impossible
however improbable,
yet the thing in proud defiance,

-October 2013

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