Limiting Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care and Voter Fraud (Supression) Top Nation’s Agenda

Fast Food Strike One

Voter Supression One

Abortion One

In 31 of 50 States legislatures and Governors have signed into law measures to limit women’s access to reproductive health care and Voter ID Measures Aimed at cutting voter fraud (supressing the vote of political opponents). Oddly, all 31 states have Republican controlled legislatures and Governors.

Planned Parenthood has been defunded, abortion clinics are closing their doors, and legislators in these same states aim to make it more difficult for women to even get contraceptives. In some states women will be required to routinely have vaginal ultrasounds where probes are inserted into their uterus.

Voters in these states insisted that these priorities be addressed. Not one Democratic Party controlled Blue State has put forward these measures.

Republicans smarting from their defeat at the polls in 2012 are acting rapidly to combat the thirty one million fraudulent votes (their figure)—all Democrats or Independents. Judging by the Voter ID laws containing that requirement along with a host of other limits on voting it is blacks, Latinos, eleven million of them illegals, the elderly, and college students who are most likely to cheat at the polls. Think of it: in 2012 almost half of all votes cast for Democrats including President Obama were fraudulent.

At the national level Republicans have beaten back all but one piece of legislation aimed at creating jobs. House Speaker John Boehner rightly points out the Democratic failure to pass these pieces of jobs oriented legislation. “Where are the jobs?” Boehner intones. In 2011, in the middle of President Obama’s first term, Democrats and the President put forward a set of ten job creating bills with $400 billion behind them. Fortunately for Republicans, not one of these laws passed except a limited measure to help returning veterans get jobs.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have spent their time repealing Obamacare some forty times, and introducing draconian limits on a woman’s right to control her own body.

Judging by these actions Struggles for Justice is forced to conclude that Americans are most anxious about limiting a woman’s right to choose and fraudulent Democratic and Independent voters.

Meanwhile, Democrats keep bringing up ideas for jobs legislation only for it to be shot down in the House of Representatives or not even brought to a vote.

Were jobs and wages of concern to Americans, Democrats would get high marks. They have spent most of their time on those things, along with introducing an immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship. Republicans in the House are resisting even bringing such a bill up for a vote, or making the legislation mostly border security and eliminating any path to citizenship, just green cards with legal status.

Now thousands of fast food workers nationwide are on strike for higher wages. $7.25 an hour is presently the minimum wage but econometric studies show that adjusted for present conditions, a family supporting wage would have to be in the twelve to fourteen dollar an hour range. Most commonly, fast food workers work two jobs to try and keep their families eating and having a roof over their heads.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker shared his secret of success with other Governors. First, it is to destroy public employee Unions as FDR opposed them too. Walker wishes to be seen as an FDR- like gigantic figure.

Walker has fought throughout his Governorship any efforts by the Federal Government to provide funds for Wisconsin on fast rail, nearly a billion dollars and thousands of jobs, Medicare and Medicaid funding as part of Obamacare, and even trimming some seventy thousand from the rolls of the State’s Badgercare program providing access to healthcare for the poor. Walker got public employees to pay more for their health and pension benefits taking 330 million dollars a year out of their disposable income and helping to cool the fires of economic expansion in the State

Walker’s foresight has rewarded Wisconsin with a level of job creation that has been either dead last or within the bottom five of all fifty states! This kind of success bodes well for the Governor’s second term if he does not become the Republican nominee for President in 2016. And he has led the fight to limit Women’s access to reproductive health care and provide a restrictive Voter ID law that will limit voter participation in their Democracy.

Nationally, it will be nearly impossible for people of color, the elderly and college students to meet the requirements and cast a vote in 2014 and 2016. We won’t have the kind of embarrassingly large turnout for our elections that suggest that the democratic process and the most cherished right to vote is being respected and strengthened.

A small, white dominated electorate should be assured now, along with Republican victory for decades to come. Those millions of voters can just stay at home. Not being a lineal descendant of the men who signed either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution they were not intended to be Americans anyway arch-Conservatives now argue.

It sure was fun though when we had all those fraudulent voters wanting to participate in somebody else’s democracy. And no one will accuse Republicans of supporting job or wage growth among Americans who work for a living.

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