Tea Party Dominated GOP Promotes Racial Polarization and a Resurgent Confederacy


Old Guard, establishment, moderate Republicans are the losers in the ongoing fight with the Tea Party over control of the GOP and the winners are those with definite Neo-Confederate ties. Revelations about Former Congressman Ron Paul’s 1990’s newsletters and son Rand Paul have linked the libertarian wing of the party to white supremacists. Lew Rockwell, members of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, the League of the South– all have deep connection to the Pauls and are firmly Neo-Confederate.

Despite their libertarian defense of American civil liberties that appeal to liberal Democrats, the Paul’s are actually more Neo-Confederate than civil libertarian. Both Rachael Maddow and Chris Hayes detailed those connections on their MSNBC Cable News Programs last night.

The GOP’s self-diagnosis about their 2012 election defeat that they needed to find a way to reach out to Latinos and make the Party more inclusive has been abandoned. Instead, Republicans will face 2014 and 2016 and beyond as the party of white supremacists, Neo-Confederate secessionists, with its base firmly implanted in the American South, the states of the old Confederacy, and those Western and Upper Midwest States that still have large white majority populations.

Winning elections will continue to be aimed at maximizing the votes of white men, and conservative white women, enacting new laws to suppress the votes of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to invalidate Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act removed any incentive for Republicans to become more inclusive as a political party. Appealing to their increasingly Southern, Tea Party, extremist white conservative base is the direction they have chosen.

Pride in the old Confederacy, white Anglo-Celtic Heritage, and greatly magnified concerns about rampant population growth among people of color in America are the responses of white Americans with a conservative bent to the quickly changing Demographics of ethnicity and race in the United States. The U.S. Bureau of the Census, using 2010 Census data noted the declining white birthrate and the burgeoning rates of racial minorities.

This is precisely what Jeb Bush was referring to a couple of weeks ago, when he noted Latinos were supposedly more fertile. Behind what was a strange, out of place choice of words was his real anxiety about the racial darkening of the United States.

It is why the agency now believes that white Caucasian Americans will no longer be the majority in the country by 2045 or even perhaps as early as 2040. Their earlier estimate was that the change would occur somewhere around 2050.

Struggles for Justice is not being alarmist or exaggerating when we sternly warn the nation of the emergence of a new American Civil War, a resurgent line of conflict where the dividing line is race. The demarcation of this new race war will be the maintenance of white supremacy with a white majority or continuing with the suppression of non-whites when whites become a racial minority, whenever that occurs.

Pressures for the secession of the old Confederate states and portions of Northern States with large white majority populations will increase in the coming years. And with that, pressures for some sort of violent conflict as those of us who posit a United States of America that is both a united nation of all the States and is multi-racial and multi-ethnic come into conflict with those who simply do not.

The Immigration debate has literally gone South with Republicans like Anne Coulter and a number of elected GOP members of Congress openly seeking to limit the entry of non-white people into the country in order to save what are perceived to be traditional white heritage and institutions—Western Civilization based on white European culture and law.

A good deal of the agitation on the gun safety issue and the National Rifle Association’s support for more firearms is directly if subliminally linked to fears of the growing racial amalgamation of the United States.

The distinct racial division over how George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are perceived in the Trayvon Martin case is a product of white racial anxiety.

A new xenophobia, a new Nativist surge is underway simply because the nation is once again changing and a large portion of those who have most benefitted from things as they were in the past don’t accept the changes that are underway and are made uncomfortable by them. President Barack Hussein Obama is the iconic representation of the changing American demographic landscape and so is a convenient target of the racial anxiety pervading the nation now.

The premise is that non-white Americans cannot absorb traditional respect for a republican form of government, our United States Constitution, the old Declaration of Independence, and rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights. These things are associated with the white Celtic Culture of Scotsmen and Anglo-Saxons in general who emigrated from Europe to settle the North American continent.

This thesis is best expressed in a book Patrick Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower; Will America Survive 2025? The idea is that the United States will die just as soon as it ceases to be “a Christian and European nation” where the white race is the dominant element.

Buchanan asserts that “intellectual, cultural, and political elites are today engaged in one of the most audacious ambitious experiments in history. They are trying to transform a Western Christian republic into an egalitarian democracy made up of all the tribes, races, creeds, and cultures of planet Earth.”

The idea that all of humanity is created equal by God, and that all people are given the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by the Creator is the idea of Thomas Jefferson, a white man of European origin, who declared that this idea was a self-evident truth. The principle can and is being applied on a mass scale, and has been for well over two centuries to people of varying colors, creeds, national origins and economic status, who have many differing religious beliefs.

The other great idea that animates all Americans, no matter how Islamized, Africanized, no matter how Asiatic in origin or how Latin, is equality before the law and the rule of law itself. These principles too have been accepted, and continue to be accepted by all but the criminal element among Americans.

The assumption here is that the principles of the American democratic experiment begun in 1776 only have application to white, European, Christian and Westernized people. If so, those principles are self-limiting and they manifestly cheapen the value of what so many Americans then and now see as most valuable in the American experience.

We ought to remind Mr. Buchanan that Jesus the Christ himself was a Semitic Jew and of Middle Eastern extraction—both non-white and non- European, just as were all Twelve of his original disciples. At the time of the very founding of the Christian faith, Buchanan’s ancestors were a bunch of tree worshiping pagans. The faith that Mr. Buchanan, and the rest of white America who are Christian professes to accept expresses an incredible level of toleration and full acceptance of all of God’s children over the entire planet Earth, and not just the white element in the United States.

The basic line of battle is race. And the dispute is over whether or not non-white, non-European and non- Christian human beings can accept and continue the American democratic experiment along with the white Caucasian Christian element that began the American Revolution.

Was the American Revolution just able to serve white men from Europe and no one else?

Buchanan and his ilk believe that diversity is dangerous, destructive, and evil. Therefore, the blessings of liberty must be restricted to white, Anglo-Saxon Americans of Christian faith alone or the nation will not survive.

It becomes clear we have vastly different definitions of that nation we call the United States of America.

Struggles for Justice, unlike the Buchanan’s’, the Neo-Confederates, racial and cultural and religious segregationists, have much greater confidence in the ability of a diverse cross section of humanity to become Americans and continue successfully the American Revolution of 1776.

Here the battle is joined. Here the ball opens.

Choose what side you are on. Do you hold allegiance to the Confederate battle ensign or the flag of the United States of America? Are you for the Union or are you a secessionist sowing modern day disunion and advocating for a new Confederacy?

Are you afraid of someone who has a different skin color than you do? Can you accept people practicing varying religious faiths freely in America? Are people of color in general cause for fear on your part?

Down with the traitor and up with the Stars! Long live the United States of America, the Constitution of the United States, equality under the law, the rule of law itself, and the kind of toleration and peace associated with people unafraid to confront a diverse and world-wide common humanity.

2 thoughts on “Tea Party Dominated GOP Promotes Racial Polarization and a Resurgent Confederacy

  1. This is great news :)))
    Minorities do not want whites to secede as they will have no one else to sponge off of. Again, what you are reporting is a fantastic trend and is truly progressive. Civilization will survive and majority nonwhite parts of America will resemble Los Angeles as in the movie Elysium :)))

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