The Obama Hate Matrix

Socialist Obamaimages

Communist Obama

Hitler Obamad

Mau-Mau Obama

They will deny it. They will refuse to contain their hate. They are unable to recognize the legitimate authority conferred by two Constitutionally sound national elections and by that inability show their disrepect for our electoral process–the very heart of our democracy where we have the peaceful transferrence of power from one Administration to the next. They do not recognize the legitimacy of the Office of the President of the United States or the occupant of that office. They do not know the difference between liberal Democrats, socialists, communists, national socialists, and Kenyan Revolutionaries. They believe only white people of Anglo-Saxon descent are fit to rule and control the United States. They fear the growing diversity of the nation despite the fact that Americans of all backgrounds make the supreme sacrifice for our freedoms and liberties and engage in government service within our military and as public servants of all kinds. They cannot accept the loss of elections. They are unable to properly compromise and work with others for the common good. They do not know any longer what the common good is. They assume someone who accepts government assistance of any kind or who collects long and hard earned public benefits to be lazy, indigent and a burden on them. They worship guns and cannot contemplate any gun safety measures to protect the American people at large. They see wealth being re-distributed from the middle class to the wealthiest Americans as a good thing to be fought for yet fear that we live presently in a time where the re-distribution of wealth is going in exactly the opposite direction from what is factually true and is reality. They live in a media bubble that tells them what to hate, what to fear, what to destroy, and what to be prejudical to. They see themselves as the true American patriots and everyone else as a threat to our Republic. They see government as a threat rather than the means by which we govern ourselves in a collective sense. They fail to understand the importance of the principle of equality before the law and the rule of law. They are by and large more ignorant than those they hate and they know it and it makes them all the more angry. They put austerity and cuttting government spending over the need for the nation to create family supporting jobs and to repair and improve both our national physical plant as well as our human infrastructure through education and technological research. And they focus all of this ignorance, fear, hate, and violence upon one man: Barack Hussein Obama. That is the Obama Hate Matrix.

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