The Length and Breadth of a Common Humanity Make Excellent Material for Immigrants


Conservative Pundit and Fox News Analyst Anne Coulter recently suggested the racial and ethnic makeup of the people presently emigrating to the United States was seriously flawed. Coulter believes that Anglo-Saxon immigration from Northern Europe is what we must have in order to continue to be a nation dominated by “pre-welfare state immigrants.” “Why can’t the country be more or less the ethnic composition that it always was?,” complains Coulter.

Struggles for Justice couldn’t agree more! The majority of Americans should be indigenous people, otherwise known as Native-Americans, peoples of various tribal nations running along from the Bering Straight through the North American continent and all through Central and Latin America. Perhaps a few white Euro-Americans might be invited in on a limited basis.

A 21st Century America already is a diverse mix of many peoples from all over our Earth and representative of a common humanity. If you believe that Americans can be any skin color, any religion, any ethnic origin but who stuanchly stand together and hold primary loyalty to the United States of America, its Constitution, and reverence and full observance of its laws under the principle of the rule of law, along with the self-evident principle that “all men are created equal” you are an American. You can be born here, naturalized under Federal law after coming here, or being given a path to citizenship as is being devised contemporay to this writing.

White Anglo-Saxon, Euro-Americans might be permitted to enter or remain here if they subscribe to the 21st Century ideas stated herein. Anne Coulter’s vision of America harkens back to an Ozzie and Harriet, black and white TV America of Cowboys and Indians where the white population not only dominates but dictates to the rest. How sad her vision of immmigration policy and the diversity of the nation and the miracle of our common principals and ideals since the Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776 establishing this nation do not agree.

The racism and ethnic bigotry inherent in her recent pronouncements create doubt that conservatives and Republicans are even capable of understanding what America is all about.

So let’s ask the indigenous population of the United States if we might all remain and continue to make this nation even greater as a collective whole than it has ever been. By asking Native-Americans about who can remain we might begin to create in ourselves that sensitivity to others who are different than we are required for a society that can be based on the greater or common good and not on long-held racial or ethnic prejudices.

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