Dissecting the Brain America by Thomas Martin Sobottke

What the hell is that thing anyway?

like some hapless Journalism 101 student keen to write the lead
for a whole people,
a nation,
if only to be able to say
just what the thing is.

Hispanic IQ Parity unachieved
white Anglo-Saxons
children with small hands
any band of homo sapiens you may consult.

For I too sing America,
taking hold
of that dream deferred
laying it like a wreath
at a funeral
there at the foot of some great national monument
a slab of dead concrete

baring the heart rending contradiction
between birth free and equal
only to die
on my belly like some worm in the slime.

Grasping the promise of the nation
a greased pig or is it that pole to climb only to slide back down
somewhere else,
in a parallel universe
like math or physics

consigned to chalkboard equations of liberty
schoolroom civics,
outbursts of feel good patriotic nostrums.

One man gets the product
the collective sweat of ninety-nine others
wounded beings,
who set out to occupy the city square
if only to comprehend the betrayal
the one man one vote idea,
a candy store democracy.

The red white and blue
doing battle with the stars and bars
over the value,
the relative merit

skin pigmentation obsessions
the religion you got or the one you don’t,
if you follow Sharia Law

the U.S. Constitution
come the revolution,
could it be?

That unquenchable thirst
a collective search
for that common humanity,
the welcoming arms of brotherhood,

We can be America,
to sing it
dance it
speak it
live it
love it
leave it
feel it
know it
make it
break it

to say what it is
is not
will be
must be.

for that notorious crowd
of damnable fools
to be that nation
who share that delusional miracle

deciding for ourselves
to walk out of the desert places
amid the dry bones
into justice’s mighty streams

saying with one voice,

now this is America!

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