Richmond’s Bloody Road Just First of Series of Novels by Thomas Martin Saturday

The Civil War Novel Richmond’s Bloody Road is just the first of the Ellis-Eaton series novels. The second in the series titled The Lamentations of Uriah involve a plot to destroy the Lincoln Administration by a cabal of Union army officers. See author web site at

What seems like an unfortunate death of the fiery Union General Phil Kearny at Chantilly, Virginia immediately following the North’s disaster at Second Manassas (Bull Run) becomes something much more and Sanford Ellis is again asked to foil a plot by as yet unknown elements of the Union Army officer corps. Benjamin Eaton will again be at his side in this taught, even chilling exploration of betrayal and disloyalty at a crucial moment of the war.

In Richmond, the Dandridge sisters have sent additional intelligence via their growing network there and Elizabeth Dandridge who has been changed forever by her meeting with Sanford Ellis in the first novel includes a message just for him. It seems that even Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War has become aware along with President Lincoln of not only the threat to the Administration, but the value of Ellis and Eaton as intelligence operatives.

Join them in this rousing tale of the American Civil War told against an absolutely true historical backdrop that will shock many readers. Richmond’s Bloody Road is #170 of over eight thousand three hundred plus Civil War books sold by via Kindle as an e-book. Author Thomas Martin Saturday believes that when a second and third edition in the series is published readers will begin looking for more. The Lamentations of Uriah is expected to be published during the fall of 2013.

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