Sobottke’s New Book Debuts on Kindle at #27 for Civil War Novels Among #318 Listed

My New book: Richmond’s Bloody Road: A Novel of the Civil War debuted this week at #27 of #318 titles in that category on Kindle. It is ranked #261 as of this date among all Civil War book titles, #7,765! We’re at #1124 among #7,034 Historical Novels. Thank you for picking up a copy. Thank you for what you are doing and planning to do to tell others about the book. It is just $2.99 on Kindle or Nook or any compatible device. $12.99 for a very nice print paperback.

Humility though demands I tell you that a Civil War Emancipation Vampire Novel is ranked ahead of my book. So much for inflated ego! If you want a direct link to a site that in one click gets you to and the book itself it is linked at

Will pass along new rankings as they improve. We have not been promoting this book much beyond this blog and social media where Dr. Sobottke is a neophyte. It does take the cake though that you get the best sales ranking for your book or anything you have published thus far and the niche is a good one and you have to share the limited limelight with a vampire historical work. I guess as each slave is freed they are bitten and smitten all at the same time. Dr. Thomas Martin Sobottke
for Struggles for Justice

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