Saturday is an Excellent Day to Purchase a Novel by Saturday

Thomas Martin Saturday, the nom de plume of Thomas Martin Sobottke, has just published his first historical novel Richmond’s Bloody Road. So many of you have been kind enough to purchase a copy either as an e-book or in print. Many thanks! The book is available on and Barnes and Noble and via Powell’s Books.

I’m asking those of you who have yet to purchase your copy, or purchase a copy for anyone on your Christmas list who might like American Civil War novels or Nineteenth Century historical novels that read crisply and have a twist of mystery within them to make your purchases. The series will feature a good Civil War fight in every book but also strong female characters to be matched with our two central characters: Sanford J. Ellis and Benjamin Eaton. I’m seeking most purchases to come first from as a marketing strategy as the company has a search engine software program that moves up books that get the most sales.

You can also help a great deal by talking to TWO FRIENDS about what you thought of the book and reccomend the book in the next few weeks. The editorial board of the Historical Novelists Association is reviewing the book and press copies are going out over the next two weeks for other reviewers. The book is the first in a series of novels that will encompass the entire Civil War and perhaps into the Reconstruction Era beyond. Book two in the series is due out this next summer.

Check out two sites related to this where you can click right on to or onto the book screen directly at at these sites:Thomas Martin Saturday’s new author website at:

Look for a New Web Address in the next week for Saturday’s author site via: URL

And check out the update on the Moving Train Books LLC site and click on the appropriate Icon there. Moving Train Books LLC is looking for authors to publish with them in History and other relevant Non-fiction, Fiction, and Poetry. The company offers book services that do everything for the author but write the book and any level of services below that for reduced costs a given author desires. If selected for publication, your book would receive TWO THIRDS OF THE GROSS ROYALTIES RECEIVED VIA THE PUBLISHER. Moving Train Books LLC would receive fees for publication services rendered plus ONE THIRD of Publisher’s Royalties.

Merry Christmas and Best wishes in the New Year,
Thomas Martin Saturday AKA Thomas Martin Sobottke

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