Trayvon Martin 2.0: Jordan Davis Killing Bears Striking Resemblance to Earlier Murder Case

45-year-old Michael David Dunn observed a group of black men in a Red SUV near a Florida gas station last week who were playing loud music. Dunn objected to the noise. The kids, all black acted like all such youths who crank up car stereos. They differed with Dunn as to the volume and perhaps their choice of audio output. Dunn claims he saw what looked to him to be a shotgun protruding from the rear of the vehicle.

Dunn, a white middle-aged man with a concealed carry permit for the State of Florida but no training in law enforcement put eight—some say nine bullets– from his weapon into the SUV killing 17-year-old unarmed black youth Jordan Davis. The youth was buried over the weekend. Dunn retains his life and possible future liberty and the satisfaction at least that he “stood his ground.” (liberal application of bloody sarcasm here)

One million concealed carry permit holders have killed 399 people since 2007 in Florida. Dunn is charged with murder but there is no guarantee the State of Florida will have a case under the Stand-Your-Ground Law in Florida.

Most police officers, confronted with three youths in an SUV who would not turn the music down but whom they suspected had a firearm but had not yet shot the weapon or attempted murder or robbery would call for backup and wait. Dunn, a private citizen did not wait. He described his reasoning this way: “three black men” in the SUV equals a high degree of danger deadly force required immediately. The possibility of a shotgun in the vehicle made it necessary to empty his weapon at close range right into the van.

Jordan Davis—17, was hit twice and died. No weapon of any kind was found in the SUV. Obviously, the four who differed over the volume of their music with a 45-year-old white man were not an immediate threat to anyone. Obvious also is that Dunn seemed to be the only person to see the alleged shotgun.

Police units called to the scene might have assessed the level of threat differently and simply calmly talked to the black kids in the Red SUV and issued a citation in violation of any noise ordinance the community may have had or if that was not an option, given all of them disorderly conduct citations with summons to appear in the local municipal or county circuit court on the charges.

Barely nine months after the Trayvon Martin case, another man of a predominately white racial background has gunned down a black kid who had no weapon at all and had not moved to physically strike Dunn in any way—nor even left the vehicle.

It would strain the credulity of even the most ardent National Rifle Association supporter that the use of deadly force by Dunn was justified. But under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Dunn stands an excellent chance of walking Scott free of the murder charge simply because he was standing his ground in a dispute where he judged that he and others might be in danger—or perhaps simply that he did not like the kid’s play selection on their SUV’s stereo.

Worse yet are the nine bullet holes in the SUV. Does it belong to one of the parents of the youths? Will insurance cover it? Is the death of 17-year-old minor Jordan Davis—unarmed and not in the process of harming anyone really necessary?

19 police officers have been gunned down by Floridians with licensed concealed carry permits just since 2007. It is no respecter of the law officer. So, even they are not immune. Tombstone courage is often shown by our law enforcement officers. Wild West shootouts and a million private citizens, most without any training in the application of deadly force is a prescription for more shootouts over verbal disputes that in so many places in our world are routinely handled with the police arresting or citing the individuals with civil citations instead of applying deadly force in response to so many disputes.

Or perhaps people who want to shoot others because they feel threatened by “three black men” in an SUV should just open fire on sight. Something to think about and weep. Outrage is an unproductive and unhealthy option as the editor of Struggles for Justice learned last night.

Still another set of black parents have had to bury a teenage son far too early and for reasons that are obscure and seemingly necessary.

Was race a factor? Whites in this country would insist not. But had they been three suburban white kids would Dunn have so quickly and with Eagle eye spotted a shotgun in the van when there was none—and the kids had not discharged the non-existent weapon?

The Race Card played yet again by Struggles for Justice with a lot of assistance from a 45-year-old white bigot in Florida.

8 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin 2.0: Jordan Davis Killing Bears Striking Resemblance to Earlier Murder Case

  1. We all know he’s a lying murderer just like Zimmerman, they’re both going to fry. God forbid a black man “Stands his ground” in Florida then it will be repealed as a threat to public safety

    • Oh Holly I almost missed your ignorance, did I say “Republican” anywhere in this statement?? Or Conservative or Right Wing? mother of mercy

  2. You made my whole point Rain…it is YOU who slings the racial arrows….and you are a liberal – yet all conservatives hear is that WE are the racists. I am merely pointing out the absurdity of labeling conservatives as racist, when it is only YOU I see here hurling racial insults.

    • More ignorance man I wonder where all of that comes from. I simply stated facts that are available, a theoretical scenario and possible outcome of said scenario. And I never, once again, made any labels or connections to said labels man you need to learn to read and try not to sound too guilt ridden. Considering you seem to get the most ruffled by my statements, YOU are more than likely the white supremacist who calls anyone and everyone else a racist just to try and sound well informed and innocent. Stop pointing fingers at yourself ms. uber-conservative

    • Holly I think you have a valid point. We don’t know if Mr. Dunning, the shooter in this case, is a Republican and a conservative. I would suspect so simply as a matter of demographics. But I don’t know. We do know he is white and when he called 911 he indicated there were “three black men” in the SUV. Apparently, he really emphasized their skin color and equated that with a higher threat level. And the use of deadly force here was not called for and excessive. I’d really like to hear what each of you think the answer to this sort of thing is. In both the Trayvon Martin case and here, black young men who were not armed were shot and killed.

      It operates on a number of levels. How do we control the gun culture in this nation without stepping on Second Amendment Rights? ( which I do support)

      And why are angry white men all over the nation doing these kinds of things? Where is the special threat of young black men? Yes, in an inner city high crime area that might figure into things a little but the people in both these cases we all know could have backed off and let the police handle it. They did not.

      This is in point of fact vigilante justice. The Republican Party does receive extensive backing from the National Rifle Association and the Democrats do not. This is the intersection of guns and race. It might also be with Republican views on guns and race too. But in the two cases Republican party operatives were not involved. I think Rain had this in mind when making his comments. But I am interested in simply the racial aspect of this and in the senseless and brutal application of deadly force when it was not justified.

      So Holly and Rain and anyone else that wants to comment what do we do about this problem? It is real and it is not just an oddity. Racial animus clearly played a role in the man’s decision to shoot and he put seven or eight rounds into the SUV. He thought he saw a gun sticking out of the back of the van but there was no gun of any kind. And again, that was for police to determine. The three men in the SUV were playing loud music in the vehicle but had made no move to threaten anybody. Pardon the pun, but this sounds like a noise complaint and if the folks in the SUV did not cooperate three arressts for disorderly conduct. It should not have ended in a shootout.

      Keeping Republicans, DEmocrats, and liberals and conservatives out of it the cases do involve racial bigotry and that’s a fact we are dealing with. And the quick availablilty of guns to just about everybody in Florida is a problem too. Nineteen police officers have been killed in the line of duty by Floridians who have been granted legal sanction by the State to carry firearms concealed. 399 shot dead by same since 2007.

      Law abiding citizens are gunning each other down and sometimes simply gunning down defenseless citizens as in this case. So Holly and Rain, what should we do about this?

      • Either repeal “Stand Your Ground” or Amend the hell out of it. Plain and Simple constrict it to stamp out any of these incidents and leave no room for reasonable doubt. If that cannot be done then repeal it in it’s entirety because the only thing to have climbed since 2007 as Tom has said is the number of gun related murders, that is not coincidence and I am not shocked if those incidents were damn near manufactured like Trayvon, and This shooting where the gun owner provoked the situation by either overstepping their boundaries or delusions of grandeur I do not know which and then let the situation play out their way, despite the arrests. I want to see these 2 lowlifes rot in prison for committing murder plain and simple. To set the record, I am a firm believer in guns do not kill people, people kill people. But guns are part of the problem and removing them from responsible owners will solve nothing

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