Sobottke’s First Historical Novel “Richmond’s Bloody Road: A Novel of the Civil War” Now Available

In a bit of shameless self promotion Struggles for Justice is pleased to announce the publication of Richmond’s Bloody Road: A Novel of the Civil War by Thomas Martin Saturday, written by editor Thomas Martin Sobottke who chooses to write fiction under the name Saturday, an Anglicization of his name Sobottke or the polish Sobota. Dr. Thomas Martin Sobottke will continue to write history as a scholar under his proper surname to distinquish or make a proper division between the two genre of writing linked by history. Though Sobottke doesn’t think it odd to write both straight narrative history, and in other works historical fiction, many scholars might blanche at the thought. And then too there is the fact that Saturday in our English lingua franca does roll off the tongue and is easier to remember when telling friends about the wonderful book you just bought and read.

The book is available via, Powell’s Books and Barnes and Noble on-line for just $12.99 paperback and as an e-book for $2.99. A direct link to on the Moving Train Books LLC or site and a new author site will be up momentarily. Should you have trouble linking for the next day or two be patient. You can of course go direct to and enter Richmond’s Bloody Road or Thomas Martin Saturday and the book will come right up on the screen. Getting the e-book version up on line may take a day or two also. But the paperback version is easy to hold, modestly priced and most handsomely executed and with an arrestingly interesting cover provided by Duncan Long.

Dr. Thomas Martin Sobottke
for Struggles for Justice

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