Secession, Impeachment, Obstruction, and Failure to move on Taxes Mark Out Republicans as the “We Want America to Fail Party”

All fifty states now have petitions asking that the Federal Government permit the secession of their state from the Union. Those states with the greatest number of petitions are all members of the former “so called” Confederate States of America. A conservative group with links to the Birther Movement has launched a fusillade of robocalls to urge millions to pressure Congress to impeach President Obama for anything you care to name as a high crime and misdemeanor and get him out of office. Republican leaders have backed off from permitting any increase in tax rates on the wealthiest two percent of Americans. The Benghazi Terrorist raid and the Petraeus Scandal are viewed as a Watergate level cover up by the Obama Administration.

What’s missing here: a government that is acting together to create jobs for the unemployed, protect Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts, and to find out what really happened in Libya last fall and learn from it. We also want the very rich to pay their fair share of taxes to support this nation.

Here in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has just informed the Federal Government by letter that he and the Republican controlled legislature will not participate in Obamacare. Eighteen States and the District of Columbia have opted in. They are all blue states or areas.

Mitch McConnell says that entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are the big problems with our budget deficit.

We cut taxes significantly in 2001 led by the Republican Party. That Party then voted to fight two wars that each lasted almost a decade in the first instance, and over a decade in the second, and still going and not a cent of it paid for in the budget! President Bush wisely put in a prescription drug benefit for seniors but did not allow the Federal Government to buy drugs in bulk to reduce costs, or again to pay a cent for it. While Medicare needs reform in how healthcare is delivered under it to save money, it is these areas of the budget that have statistically and by far produced the largest deficit.

Perhaps it’s time to take the secessionists, impeach Obama Birthers, and a Republican Congressional leadership that still means to obstruct the other party and the President on a permanent and ongoing basis seriously and let them do what they want. The United States below the old Mason-Dixon Line, the Ohio River and the old Missouri Compromise line will be individual state governments—there will be no national government at all. Nor will one be permitted for that is the root of all evil for these people. The rest of us will stay North of that boundary and continue to operate the Northern States all the way to the Pacific Coast and both Alaska and Hawaii and all U.S. territories overseas.

We Northern Federalists will be the Blue people and we’ll employ what is needed to solve thorny social and economic, political and national security problems. Each Southern state below that line can be its own nation—operating independently with a multitude of separate national governments: the ultimate expression of Libertarian States’ rights. We’ll locate our northern capital in Philadelphia the birthplace of the nation itself and continue to use the Federal Government under the present Constitution. Americans can vote with their feet.

So Red State folks head South, and the Rest of us go North. California will be part of the Southern section and a nation all by itself like the others. Oregon and Washington will stay with the United States of America.

If this looks like an unwise and ridiculous plan to you than you now have discovered how the WHINING BITCHING, MOANING, AND NEWFOUND OBSTRUCTING of the President and the Congress just to oppose the other party continues to hurt our nation. So no, we won’t split the nation geographically between the people in Blue and Red State America.

And elections ought to have consequences. Americans have said they want to try the core of Obama’s approach to solving national problems was the message.

The entire blame for what occurs in the coming months will be 100% upon the Republican Party that yet fails to perceive fully why they got hammered last November 6th. It now already is plain for independent voters and Democrats—basically sixty percent of us to see.

Go ahead Republicans. Act like a bunch of asses who want America to fail just to spite the Democratic Party. This is getting very old—very fast. We’ll see how long it works for them. It sure did not work last November 6th. Bring it on the same way in 2014 and 2016. Your party won’t exist on 20 January 2017, You become increasingly irrelevant and irritating and the “We Want America to Fail Party.”

One thought on “Secession, Impeachment, Obstruction, and Failure to move on Taxes Mark Out Republicans as the “We Want America to Fail Party”

  1. They should not get even one grain of American soil!! Cancel their citizenship, confiscate any and all wealth!! And we can scarfice garbage barges to deport them 200 miles outside our borders.

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