No “War on Women?” Nikki Haley You ‘Gotta be Kidding!

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a key GOP spokeswoman for women’s rights said yesterday that there is no “War on Women” aimed at American women by the GOP. OK, we agree. But there is a national concerted effort in hundreds of legislative acts presented by Republican legislators in dozens of states all at the same time to limit women’s control over their bodies.

A flood of abortion bills, debate and the denial of access to contraception and basic contraceptive women’s health care are being championed by Republicans only. In the Congress, there is also the Blunt Amendment that Republicans pledge to re-introduce for another Senate vote that would cut off women from health insurance coverage for contraception or literally anything the insurance company or employer has a moral objection to it. That objection does not have to be justified by anything other than a written or spoken declaration by these parties. That means coverage for diabetes or prostate cancer could be axed too!

In Virginia and Pennsylvania and Alabama women get to have trans vaginal ultrasounds if they meet with their doctor to even discuss an abortion among other possibilities should they become pregnant. The Arizona legislature was going to pass a bill that would have required a woman to tell her employer she was sexually active and wished to have contraceptive health care. Most people would not like to discuss their private and most intimate healthcare needs with their employer. Can we get a doctor?

Now, the creative Arizona legislature has gone beyond the Almighty God, creator of heaven and Earth. A woman’s pregnancy begins the first day after the end of a woman’s previous menstrual period. For seriously handicapped males this translates as “human life begins not at conception, but two weeks before conception or the fertilization of sperm with ovum.” Two other anti-abortion bills passed this week in Arizona will limit when legal abortions can even be performed in the State by several weeks.

Rush Limbaugh, one of the Republican deities, had some remarks to make about Sandra Fluke on 600 radio stations nationwide concerning her testimony to Congress about women’s health care needs. Those comments were misogynist in the extremis and went on for three days in over forty documented insults to Ms. Fluke. Daryl Issa had disssed the women on his Congressional committee not allowing Ms. Fluke to even appear.

In Wisconsin, educators no longer have to tell young people in school how babies are made and what would happen should they actually have unprotected sex. They do have to tell them to simply not to do it. The Governor has ended State funding to Planned Parenthood for pap smears and mammograms for vulnerable women in the state. Getting all women access to basic health care generally, not to mention contraception and abortion services, is problematic in Wisconsin now.

Scotty Walker also signed a bill that forces women to bring lawsuits over pay discrimination on the job in Federal court where the costs and time involved . The legislature and Governor Walker, repealed a 2009 bill that the previous legislature had passed and signed into law allowing women to sue in State circuit court. Why would they do this? Well, Walker’s corporate masters need to pay women less. It is as simple as that. They cannot yet do anything about Federal law but if they win the White House and Congress this November, women should expect an end to EEOC investigations on their behalf and Federal laws promoting pay equity. That law signed by President Obama recently, provides pay equity to women. Women yet make only 77 cents on the dollar compared to men for the same job and same work.

Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States, unless American women commit a flagrantly contrary act by voting for his opponent, has said he is out to destroy Planned Parenthood, that does so much nationally, and not just as in Wisconsin for women’s access to health care they need at vulnerable points in their lives. 97% of Planned Parenthood dollars have nothing to do with abortion. The other 3% are legal services under the Supreme Law of the United States and it is likely the women involved have made a difficult decision in consultation with her doctor.

Oh, we now have a doctor? In Wisconsin, doctors could go to jail and lose their ability to practice medicine if they do not harass women as they go through the process of obtaining legal abortions. Choice is becoming increasingly meaningless in the United States. Struggles for Justice is where many Americans are on the abortion question: we want abortion limited to the fewest number necessary, but we want women and their doctor’s to decide what to do about unintended pregnancies of all kinds.

The basic data input results say Republicans in, women’s rights and equality out this November.

Can Ann Romney and Nikki Haley and Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann all convince a bunch of women who polling says have abandoned Republicans in this election cycle to come back and vote for Romney and Republican candidates by election time as the solution to what they as women are most concerned about? Republicans assert that women most care about families and jobs. True. But do they care that much for those things to allow the GOP with Congress and the White House in their hands to determine what happens to their bodies and the ability to simply get justice in pay equity on the job?

We’re betting on millions of intelligent, compassionate and leadership rich women all over the nation to cast votes for the opponents of GOP candidates and throw the grumpy old white men, their Stepford Wives, and Allen West black exceptions out of office so we can get some justice for the rest of us.

No Governor Haley, there is a “War on Women.” And as we’ve asserted here before, election results in 2012 or not, we will win it for American women who have the autonomy and rights of American citizens and who want their liberty!

One thought on “No “War on Women?” Nikki Haley You ‘Gotta be Kidding!

  1. Hmmm Rush Limbaugh HA he’s a loathsome swine and this is a new to have a GOP woman rep for their version of “womens rights” that is almost as good as FOX calling a neo nazi terrorist organization a “civil rights group”

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