Bye Bye Medicare, Hello to More Cash For Millionaires Says GOP Ryan Budget

Paul Ryan’s GOP Budget Plan targets people who are among the most vulnerable amongst us and rewards those who already have received their reward in the 1% Economy of the past decade. Ryan’s plan does cut the deficit by over three trillion dollars but because it lowers tax rates by ten percent on the wealthiest Americans that has to be paid for too.

In the end, the overall deficit is actually enlarged by the Ryan Budget Plan rather than contracted. And, millions of Americans will face increasing hardships—making further sacrifices to make life better for the “Job Creators”, these faceless people up there somewhere who always seem to be in dire need of still more money, no matter how much they have, and how much more they are already earning with their investments in the economy.

The GOP must be given high praise for their staunch defense of the wealthiest 1% of our people. These helpless, oppressed people continue to get tax cuts put in by George Bush in 2001 that added over 700 Billion dollars to the deficit. We will continue to have to find cuts in the budget elsewhere to cover this hole in the budget if that is not addressed. Reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% rewards Americans who are already earning the most money. The poor and those on the lower end of America’s shrinking middle class will actually see small tax increases under the Ryan plan. Millionaires get 177 thousand more dollars each year under the plan. People at or under the Poverty Line get a tax increase.

Medicare will fundamentally change from a healthcare plan for seniors that cover procedures even if the cost of those procedures increases. Ryan will give you a voucher that is capped and fixed in its value, and you will go out and bargain with private insurers for the healthcare you need. This is “the market” in action. As insurers get control they will raise their rates and seniors will pay more “out of pocket” for what they used to get automatically. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO )a non-partisan information agency for the Congress estimates that eventually seniors will pay nearly six thousand dollars a year more out of pocket under Ryan’s plan.

Even the conservative Wall Street Journal candidly said that the GOP plan written by Ryan will effectively destroy Medicare. There will also be significant benefit cuts to Social Security under the plan, and the age of eligibility will be increased significantly. The trillions in cuts under the Ryan Plan come overwhelmingly at the sacrifice of ordinary middle class and poor Americans and seniors and to the financial benefit of the wealthiest. Just how helpless are they? Why do they need to be so strongly protected and aided? Republicans and Ryan must offer an explanation beyond the fact they are supposed to be the “Job Creators.” It looks too much like they are simply “Wealth Accumulators.”

What you must conclude from studying Ryan’s plan is that the wealthiest Americans require the most help from the Federal Government in the coming years, and the rest of us do not. Ryan is a believer in the philosophy of Ayn Rand. It is a budget that puts into practice her and his ideological approach. Rand viewed individuals’ ability to act for their own benefit at the expense of everyone else was the way to perfect the human race. Ryan’s budget identifies individuals who are winning the competition for survival according to Ayn Rand’s philosophy and gives them an even greater advantage. Why is this logical for Ryan? Well, Rand supports the idea of individuals acting entirely for their own benefit. Those not able to do that as well do not survive. It is a kind of neo Social Darwinism.

Rand and Ryan have made it clear that altruism is weakness. Compassion is weakness. The public or civic good inhibits the rise of the individual to perfect himself. Naturally, Rand and Ryan reject Christianity. Rand was an atheist in the strongest terms. Ryan, we believe originally a Roman Catholic, while in line with his faith in the struggle over abortion and contraception, is decidedly beyond the pale concerning the poor, the orphan and the oppressed, who Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, taught to help. Conservatives have been eager to adopt the Ayn Rand philosophy of “me first” and stepping on the weak and compassionate folks on your way to the top in order to perfect yourself as a god. Rand’s philosophy actually elevates the individual who has achieved that perfection by political and economic superiority as gods themselves.

That is what this battle to protect the 1% of us over the other 99% of us is all about. If you are not in the 1% at the top, expect to be stomped into extinction. Those of you at the top of the 99%, get moving and place your foot on the head of some poor unfortunate below you and take that next step to divinity and ultimate perfection of yourself as an individual. That is what Ayn Rand’s writings are all about and that is what the GOP leader who is advancing the latest budget, roughly identical to his first one last year believes. He has said that he is an enthusiastic disciple of Ayn Rand. The GOP Ryan Budget carries that philosophy into effect.

Struggles for Justice lifts up the poor, the orphan and the widow, and the oppressed among us. We favor compassion and the public good. We are animated by a strong altruism. We are the foolishness, the weakness that those in power and with great wealth cannot understand. St. Paul taught about this as did Jesus of Nazareth. We take up the Cross of Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God and through his sacrifice will win the ultimate race in life; his Kingdom entering our hearts through his Spirit and eternal life in him. But while we are here we have a fundamental responsibility to protest what the GOP and Ryan are up to. Atheists are holding their first national meeting in Washington D.C. this week. Hopefully, they too yet retain some form of compassion or altruism for others. We bet many do.

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