Demonization and Exclusion of President Obama from the Electorate Still Central to Republican Electoral Strategy; Our Politifact Fact Checker

Newt Gingrich told an audience just yesterday that President Obama represents the most dangerous of threats to the National Security of the United States. His only hint of that threat was proposed cuts to the Defense Budget. The rest he cleverly left to the imagination of the audience. Obama: the most dangerous threat to national security in our time? What Gingrich failed to mention is that these reductions and cost savings were developed by William Gates just prior to his leaving as Secretary of Defense. Gates was appointed under conservative President George W. Bush and served him faithfully for the Bush second term. The Joint Chiefs of Staff have approved the reductions in force numbers. The intent is to move further toward a Twenty-first century armed services that have even greater advanced technology, brute destructive power, and flexibility to respond to threats worldwide. The huge numbers of soldiers and sailors and marines and air force personnel used in a Cold War configured military do not meet the needs of the armed forces in this century.

As to the dangerous threat to national security that is the greatest national security threat we have ever faced it could only mean high treason in the oval office. That is what Gingrich is communicating. If true then the rot extends to the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff who do the President’s bidding. They have full confidence in Barack Obama. That team has killed Osama bin Laden, dozens of terrorist leaders all over the Middle East. Homeland Security and especially the FBI have been very active in rooting out terrorist plots. Just a few days ago, a suicide bomber was prevented from killing in Washington D.C. by an FBI sting operation. The armed forces of the United States have remained at full force as the President has conducted two wars and maneuvered the nation in careful but firm opposition to North Korea’s excesses, and Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon has been met first with economic sanctions and leaving a military strike against Iran on the table. This move has gotten support for the Obama Administration from NATO, the United Nations Security Council and many traditional U.S. Allies. They all have more confidence in President Obama then the Republican presidential candidates do.

If the president is truthfully a most dangerous national security threat that must be high treason against the United States making his immediate removal from office by whatever means necessary the highest priority. The other alternative is that Gingrich is not telling the American people the truth. This seems more likely. He practiced deception over 300 times as Speaker of the House in the 1990’s and was forced to leave due to ethics violations. And there are two women who at various times in the past could testify to his untruthfulness and lack of fidelity. Advantage: Obama.

Mitt Romney has said that the economy would be even better and it would have improved sooner if Barack Obama had not been President of the United States. Without Obama, there would have been no 800 billion stimulus package that almost every single reputable economist acknowledged kept over three million Americans who may have lost work employed. The unpopular TARP bailout of the Wall Street banks and investment houses prevented the total collapse of the United States banking system and that of the larger world. President Bush and Republicans pressed for that at the end of 2008 and Democrats came to the rescue to secure the necessary votes for it to happen. President Obama continued the program when he entered office. Part of Bush’s action was to bail out the American automobile industry, especially General Motors. He knew that beyond the auto jobs were millions of ancillary jobs that would be lost if the U.S. auto industry went away. President Obama perceived this too and amid withering criticism from Republicans carried it through. Just this past week, General Motors announced its greatest profit in the company’s entire 102 year history. All those ancillary jobs that feed into the business of auto assembly are still there too. After the first few months in office were a gradually declining job loss per month was noted by the labor department, there has been 23 consecutive months of net job growth in the United States. If Romney’s policy were followed, a policy accepted by Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich all, millions more Americans would have lost their jobs and 170,000 jobs in this industry would not have been created.

On the foreclosure of millions of homes that Americans want to continue living in, President Obama has moved to provide refinancing of as many homes as possible. Here the President has been less successful. Reluctance of banks to figure out how to refinance, Republican opposition to any refinance schemes in Congress have hamstrung the President’s efforts. Significantly, none of the Republicans want homes refinanced at all. The market should rule they all say; especially Romney. Romney made pointed statements in Nevada saying to let the market process of foreclosure work itself out leaving any Americans who wished to refinance their mortgages and stay in their homes with no hope from that quarter.

Gas prices are rising. Republicans argue that President Obama has been slow to move to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. He has not. In the wake of the BP disaster, the President moved to approve a record number of drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico much to the consternation of environmental groups who had supported him in 2008. The President pointed out correctly in his State of the Union message that for the first time in over a decade the United States did not depend on foreign oil for a majority of its needs. That is on his watch. President Obama today announced plans to pursue an energy policy that would be multifaceted in gaining access to America’s energy needs.

Gas prices at the pump, however irritating to Americans, have a lot to do with things President Obama does not control. Republicans want him to hit Iran with a military strike now! That would at the least close the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian elections this week have that nation in a hyper-sensitive anti foreign mode. UN sanctions have led to Iran cutting off oil to Europe and especially the UK. That puts pressure on the worldwide price of crude in world markets. Market speculators have re-entered the game and prices are climbing rapidly. Is this Obama’s fault? There is also evidence that the demand for oil worldwide is growing again as the world comes out from under the depression (not recession) that was what made gas prices so low when Bush left and Obama entered office in 2009. Obama did veto the Tar Sands Pipeline proposal from Canada but Republicans forced him to make a decision prior to knowing how the pipeline would impact the great Great Plains aquifer that supplies millions of people and farmers with fresh water they must have. Even if approved, the pipeline would not significantly affect gas prices at the pump significantly and not for years. Drill baby drill will not change the fact that worldwide demand for oil is on a permanent upward path and prices with it.

The New York Stock Exchange reached the 13,000 level for the first time in years this week. Obama did not do that but if he had been such a negative force on the economy the nation’s investors would not be so Bullish as they have been for months under an Obama Administration.
President Obama has sent to the Congress dozens of bills to employ construction workers in re-building the nation’s infrastructure, firefighters, teachers, and police officers and in his State of the Union he is asking that the Congress move quickly to make new initiatives to revive manufacturing and re-write tax law to reward firms who bring good jobs back to the United States. The Republican response: NO. John Boehner and Erick Cantor and Mitch McConnell have blocked him at every turn. President Obama and Vice President Biden pledged yesterday to take action where constitutionally they can. Our Politifact Checker: On the economy, the most important issue in this election campaign: Advantage Obama again.

What about President Obama as not being born in the United States and therefore not being a legitimate American or President? What about the President’s lack of Christian faith, or a Christian faith when practiced that is not genuine enough for his opponents? What about religious liberty and the right of conservative evangelical Christianity to not only insist that believers not be exposed to abortion, contraception, or paying for that in any way for anybody? Rick Santorum has said that President Obama practices a phony theology that is not about Christians or Americans generally. Religious leaders like the Catholic Conference of Bishops has boldly opposed not only a mandate that religious organizations pay for contraceptive health care coverage but that there ought not be any contraceptive coverage in health plans or contraception for women even if they are not Christians or Catholics and wish and have the ability to pay for such contraceptive health care.

Franklin Graham suggested yesterday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program that he did not know if President Obama is a Christian. He went to say immediately that he could not know if anyone running for president is a true Christian believer. He then immediately contradicted himself and hypocritically proclaimed both Santorum and Gingrich to be believing Christians. He noted that President Obama seemed to be more concerned with Muslims than Christians around the world, code for the idea that Obama is a secret Muslim. The message: Obama is not one of us. He is a foreigner, an infidel, a terrorist, a communist, a Marxist, a Mau-Mau Kenyan Revolutionary, a community organizing Saul Alinsky and close personal friend of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn plotting some new Weather Underground bombing in response to the Vietnam War. Yet that war ended in 1973, some 48 years ago when Barack Obama was a pimply, thirteen-year-old kid growing up in Hawaii, which most of us claim as a State of the Union and United States territory.

First, let’s remind ourselves as citizens of the United States of America that the Constitution of the United States in Article VI Paragraph three says: “no religious test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public trust under the United States.” Presidents and Federal officials are required to take an oath or affirm their support for the Constitution of the United States. Ah, here Republicans say we have him! Nope. President Barack Hussein Obama took such an oath or affirmation on 20 January 2009 with over a million people present hearing him do it and millions more watching on television hearing and seeing him take the oath or affirmation supervised by Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Roberts, a Bush appointee. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution says that the Congress shall make no law “respecting an establishment of religion.” Even the most reactionary Americans understand this means that there should be no official government church that everyone must belong to and whose beliefs everyone must profess. There is also a clause on the free exercise of religion being respected. The President has done nothing to interrupt that. And those who wish to exercise their faith must not impinge on the free exercise of the faith of others with whom they may differ in significant ways. The Constitution is a maddening evasion of a theocracy or a government of a single state church or religious belief required by law. That was intentional just as the President’s opponents attempts to mark him out as un-American and not a Christian are acts that themselves are un-American and not supported by our Supreme Law.

Amazingly, President Barack Hussein Obama, his wife Michelle, and his two daughters are often seen going to church on Sundays as Christians do. The President has been going to a nearby Presbyterian Church as President Lincoln did when Mary could lure him there away from the White House office he occupied and worked in usually sixteen hours a day or at the theater where he loved to get a little relaxation. Michelle Obama is one of the most popular and well liked first lady’s we have had, and the daughters of the Obama’s are well behaved, intelligent, and nice kids. It is a nice and close family with two attentive and good parents. Advantage: Obama yet again.

Republicans meet again tonight to tear each other apart in debate. Archbishop Santorum will face Robber Barron Mitt Romney and Closet Racist Ron Paul, and the Speaker of the House with the most serious and highest number of deceptions and lies and ethics violations in the 20th Century: quite an achievement.

Let’s have a theocracy, go back to the start where the economy is in free fall and get gas prices down, and lets start wars with both North Korea and Iran and relish our new President Gingrich, Santorum, Paul or Romney. Let’s give the wealthiest Americans even more wealth relative to the common man and woman. Let’s invade a woman’s body and force her to conceive children and bear them and deny her full citizen rights. Is that what we want? Suddenly, President Obama looks pretty damn good.

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