Should theology and pre-natal care and contraception be central to American politics and life?

Just what is President Barack Obama’s theology? What is Rick Santorum’s theology? How are the President’s moral and religious values a threat to fundamental American values? How is the American left and Obama imposing a phony theology? Should contraception and pre-natal care be eliminated to reduce abortions in the United States? This is of central concern to the nation’s Republicans and conservatives and the leading candidate for President on the Republican side Rick Santorum. So it must be our concern as well. We do know that President Obama is a Christian. They believe that Jesus Christ is their savior and by believing in him people are given salvation by the grace of God. Where does this connect with contraception and pre-natal care? Where does it connect with an attack on religious freedom in the United States? The President has modified the Affordable Health Care Act to permit religious organizations to get out of the business of providing contraceptive health care to women entirely. How is that an invasion of religious freedom?

When Rick Santorum and President Obama hook up in debate this fall, theology will be front and center. Just what sort of Christianity should the President display? How does this comport with the religious freedom of those who are Jews, Muslims, and people who do not have a particular religious faith? What laws ought to be enacted to ensure that Americans become the kind of good Christians Rick Santorum desires them to be?

Struggles for Justice is asking readers to comment on how the new theological America can be accommodated to the Constitution of the United States and the traditional respect for religious freedom that permits Americans to practice whatever faith they want or not practice one at all. Now we are going to have to practice one. Now it is going to be vitally important what religion the President is. That will determine what religion you must adopt to be a full American citizen. Rick Santorum is a Pro-Life, home school your kids, Roman Catholic fundamentalist evangelical Christian. Are we ready to all be those things?

What do you think?
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One thought on “Should theology and pre-natal care and contraception be central to American politics and life?

  1. A good question. It’s ironic that conservatives like Santorum so claim a desire that they want to keep the government “out” of our lives while at the same time dictating how those of us should think when it comes to matters of religion.

    This quest for religious purity seems destined to put this nation on the road to religious dictatorships typical of many countries in the world. No one in any of Obama’s proposals is “forcing” any one yo use contraceptives or to have an abortion. It’s very much a matter of personal choice.

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