It’s Top-Down Class Warfare Folks Brought to You by the Republican House and Their “Job Creators”

Fox News has argued recently that there is no real income inequality in America. Fox News hosts have been busy bashing the poor from just about every angle as per usual. John Boehner and Eric Cantor and House Republicans wring their hands and flagellate themselves over the Occupy Movement and the President’s firm yet gentle admonitions to “care for the least of these” as Jesus taught. Mitt Romney does not care much about the poor. Here are the numbers:

Congressional Budget Office 2010 Income Study (after taxes) 1979-2007:

Top 1% (the target of the Occupy Wall Street Movement)
275% increase in Income

The remaining 19% of the upper fifth:
65% Increase in Income

The 60% in the Middle: Ordinary Working Middle Class Americans
40% Growth in Income

Lowest Fifth of the Income Spectrum (AKA the Working Poor and the Unemployed Poor)
18% Growth

Now, add in your experience as the Housing Bubble, Wall Street Banks, and the Auto Industry collapsed in chaos and eight million jobs were lost since 2008 a year after the study numbers. That study reflects only the situation prior to George Bush driving the national car into the ditch with his Wall Street buddies in 2008. Dad should have taken away the keys!

If you are a Federal Government Worker note the freeze in your income for the past several years. Wisconsin State workers have taken a ten percent pay cut this past year, and hundreds of thousands of public servants nationwide have been laid off or furloughed for a month at a time. Perhaps a needed adjustment but it is not more money in their pockets. 99ers don’t experience even a sliver of income growth when they are not working. A Pew Research Study says that there have never been so many college educated unemployed among the 18-24 age group. And college tuition debt has never been higher or deeper. The mystery of so many twenty-something’s in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, instead of being lazy bums, becomes clearer.

But in the last 23 months there has been a tiny slender light of hope. 3.7 million jobs have been brought back and each month showed small but net gains and not losses as in 2008-09 at the end of the Bush years. The unpopular 800 Billion Stimulus Package, the Payroll Tax Cut, the stiff-necked insistence that the American auto industry that feeds into so many others be saved all have one thing in common: Barack Obama. Clint Eastwood could not have given that wonderful halftime pep talk, so American and not partisan at the Super Bowl without it.

What are Republican conservatives offering? Deep cuts in Social Security and Medicare along with more job losses in government employment Federally and in the States, to balance the budget and remove the deficit. This will improve the confidence of bankers and the “job creators” who have continued to receive by far the largest tax cuts since George Bush came into office in 2001 and added over 700 Billion to the deficit. Four hundred Billion dollars in higher drug costs on Senior Medicare plans because the Bush Administration insisted that the drug industry get bigger profits rather than having Uncle Sam buy the drugs in bulk at huge savings like they do in Canada. There the same drugs cost forty percent less on average.

One and a half trillion dollars of war and killing and dying for our young people over a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. We recognize the necessity for the Afghanistan counterstrike but Bush dallied there uselessly while Obama acted and killed more than twice as many El Qaeda leaders and got Osama Bin Laden. And no Sean Hannity, he really did want to do that. You got that wrong too.

So since 2001, the Job Creators have had eleven years of self-enrichment at the taxpayers’ expense, to do their miracle work. They have enormous wealth to invest and employ people with. “How am I doin” they might say as former New York City Mayor Ed Koch used to say. Not too well huh.

All those startling wealth numbers are pre 2008 economic collapse. The wealthiest Americans did even better coming out of that crash in 2009-2010 as they leveraged that wealth to take advantage of opportunities any economic depression presents to people who have money when it is in full swing. Corporate profits in America reached their highest levels in the history of this nation in 2010 and have grown from there. The stock market is at its highest level in five years: three of those on Obama’s watch. OK, so where is all the trickle in the trickle down folks?

And Fox’s Fabulous empty headed five, including Eric Bolling, Stuart Varney, a 21st Century British Tory, and a cast of the heartless of the cruel and the “lying cheating bastard” variety tell us things are tough for people who have the most wealth; that they should be left alone and not asked to make any sacrifice as they create the jobs.

Do you really believe that in light of the economic report card given here? How is the poor doing in their class warfare against the rich? If this is victory for the poor and oppressed and gravy days for the middle class, so many of us living outside the one percent fail to see it.

Now let’s make this clear. None of us want to exchange places, given any serious thought, with the 1%. The Creator does not favor those people. And grandma always said “moderation in all things.” But a good steady family-supporting job, with good pay, and the chance to have those basic things that Americans work so hard for in the American Dream is about all we seek. We’re not getting it from the rich, the conservative Republican Tea Party crowd at all. That is a message to take with you to the polls (if they let you vote in a Voter ID state at all) this November. President Obama is not a saint. God knows. But the alternative would be far worse. The Congressional Budget Office 2010 Study (they are a non-partisan arm of the Congress) shows the cash flowing steadily upward as if into a great vacuum cleaner. It could not be clearer. So it is class warfare. But against whom we ask Fox and the Republican National Committee and their erstwhile presidential and Congressional candidates.

One thought on “It’s Top-Down Class Warfare Folks Brought to You by the Republican House and Their “Job Creators”

  1. The growing awareness about the extreme income inequality and the very wealthy’s grip on our political system indicate that some form of class war is all but inevitable. I am developing a set of ground rules for a possible class war that would guide it in a peaceful and productive direction. The Rules for the Class War begin at this post: I am open to hearing everyone’s comments and suggestions.

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