The Idea That Sparked the Civil War: Writing Revolution Comes To The World of E-Books

Moving Train Books LLC has stepped out, and boldy violated a number of conventions within publishing and the Academy with the publication on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook of a short book offered for just $0.99, The Idea That Sparked the Civil War: Abolitionists Vindicated, by Thomas Martin Sobottke. Customarily, the historical essay would have appeared in some academic journal. But a central component of Moving Train’s philosophy is to get out in front of “the writing revolution” going on in publishing today. The new book is modestly priced as befitting its brevity but is filled with provocative ideas sure to entertain and divert the mind for a good hour or two.

So go to or Barnes and Noble and order a copy for your Kindle, Nook, or I-pad/Laptop. In keeping with the wrenching change in publishing, this offering is an experiment to see if something might be offered that is entirely an e-book and not in print. The essay will appear in a future book that will offer Sobottke’s work in both print and e-book formats. Just what is that idea that sparked a Civil War that was so terrible and such a “fiery trial” for the nation to endure? And why are the Abolitionists, a group of seeming extremists who made matters worse for politicans trying to head off such a conflict vindicated? Read The Idea That Sparked the Civil War by Thomas Martin Sobottke and find out.

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